Doc and Monza in Minnesota!!

Street Outlaws live event no prep kings headed to minnesota for their points race. In this race we managed to capture Doc in heavy metal and Monza in his split bumper turbo camaro. Heavy Metal is a team formed by doc and flamhoc racing who supplied the heavy metal nova. The heavy metal nova is a blown combination and doc has been driving the wheels off this car all season long. Doc has always been one of the dark horses of the 405 being a guy that has reached the number spot before and overall has done well in sketchy surfaces. In the other lane we have Monza in his twin turbo split bumper camaro. The camaro has done well on the street but in the no prep kings circuit has had a lot of trouble getting the car past the first round of eliminations. Monza will debut a new no prep car to hope to be more competitive. Check out the video for all the action for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. Monza use to run fast and strong but it's been a long time. He needs to get another tuner besides his sissy son. Doc has been getting back in track. It's good to see him getting back on top again. Damn. Can't believe Ryan lost to Scott.

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