Disco Dean Pink Supercharged Cadillac!

Street Outlaw racer Disco Dean first bursted into the scene when he raced Big Chief in the streets. Disco Dean had a very close race against Chief who at the time looked unstoppable. Disco Dean since then has entered several no prep races and done well. No Prep Kings rolls around and Disco Dean at the time was racing a blown camaro. Disco Dean this year unveils a beautiful pink cadillac and has not looked back ever since. Disco Dean has gone several rounds this season with the new car which is hard to make a new car work as well as Disco Deans. Disco Dean puts up a string of fast passes to make it to the finals of the outlaw big tire class at the summit motorsports park no prep kings event. Check out the video to see Dean’s passes and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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