Disco Dean & David Gates in Texas!

Street Outlaws live event held in Ennis, Texas at the texas motorplex. David Gates driving Kye Kelley’s nitrous assisted camaro at this final event and Disco Dean still driving the beautiful pink cadillac. Both racers faced off with each other but before they did disco dean was going rounds doing everything in his power to win the event. Disco Dean was going rounds until his car decided to stop working so Dean hopped out of the car and went running to the starting line to check out the rest of the racing. Exciting runs from Disco Dean all weekend. On the other lane we have david gates who is driving the nitrous assisted camaro that he crashed in the beginning of the year. Now david has come full circle driving the black camaro in the finale of the no prep kings season. Check out these fast cars do work and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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