Dig or Die, Small Tire NO PREP Cash Days $30k+ POT

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Dig or die, 120plus cars, 30,000 Dollar pot, winner take all! The baddest of the bad street raced cars on the east coast battling it out for that pot on what had to be pavement from 1960’s. The rocks were strong and were being held together by the pavement about 1/4″ from the top of the rocks and this was our racing surface this weekend. We all had the same two lanes go go down, this would come down to experience on the streets, who could shove their cars through here the fastest. This was my first pass on real road conditions in over 25 years, and first ever with a car capable of making 1500hp. Boy, I got some learning to do. This thing could not take any power that we normally use at the “no prep” normal direction tracks. But we had a blast and have a new goal on this surface. Next one, I hope we can do better! But boy did I have fun trying to get my 6 second pass, lol.

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  1. Hey John, the track at my locale we have the exact same situation. We don't have any tire restrictions, would you go to a bigger tire if I don't have the money to use traction control? (Budget sloppy 5.3 turbo LS build)

  2. Me at the finish line in the orange hat and shirt. You were smoking the tires hard across the finish line. Side note. Really disappointed in the lack of organization. Guys showing up and being told they couldnt race because the organizers didn't lay put the rules properly was bull. They need to respect the racers and fans time for their youtube bux

  3. Read the comments when the number was in the low 60s. One or two are going in the same direction "gut" instinct is leading my thoughts.
    Just an opinion mind, it would have been interesting to see numbers at that same track on motor. IMO need to find a surface in "Mexico" like that for some after hours testing, think you have raced on good and need to test on really bad so you know both ends of the spectrum. Really long ramps to much lower boost levels, just keep building.

  4. John true noprep takes a lot of data and being able to read the road. All that just takes time and passes. I would say that you did really good making it past round 1 because with that surface you might as well been on the street. Overall great job John keep it up and you will figure it out in no time 👍

  5. Great job, John…hard to get even one round against that competition. Looks like John Doc was giving you the stink-eye for that wake-up call…do it again! 🙂

  6. Your going the right way John, you’ll figure it out I got faith in ya lol Your a smart guy, smart racer and got plenty of seat time so keep plucking along you’ll get there but… see your problem is you race a lot of track stuff not a lot of no prep like this and you get your car lined out for glue then switch it up and it’s hard to switch setups and keep them right. The end of that track looks like the spot we race at here, not a lot of fine material in the asphalt. It’s got big pits and grooves so it’s gonna take a lot of burnouts to get rubber down lol. Oh loved the beginning, you took a test hit in Mexico 😝👀👀😝👍👍💯😝

  7. I would probably have the Hoosiers on some rims and use them in these tracks that you burn them all the way down. Save the wear n tear off the MT's

  8. How fast are the cars in the daily class, any idea? I'd love to enter a daily driver class…but, my car actually gets driven on the street. Thanks for the info. This is the next best thing to being out at the track…i guess!lol

  9. Looked super difficult. Friggin Ice skates every pass. Sheesh ! All them Horses and can't ride em like you can. That's the street. (And no bracket pedals and brakes , which is my favorite)

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