Dig or Die Saturday

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  1. I really think you should take the wing down to about 2-3 inches off the deck lid. Seems like most off the air is going under the wing right now.

  2. Im glad he was able to bolt his front end to your old car. I nearly shit myself when I saw it. Not because I thought it was a bad idea, but if I lend someone something and they butchered it up, I would be pissed lolol. Especially something that was proven to work (even though it needed some attention)

  3. John the car is looking good I've have always been a fan of burnt orange just maybe the car is waiting to be scratched and nicked up enough before it runs good you said it yourself that this is the first good looking car. Keep testing and sooner or later it will come around. As always be safe 👍

  4. You should try to add more bracing to the wing and put a conventional style drag wing on the car as an addition along with the big wing before you take it off.

  5. The problem with nick is he half-ass slaps everything together and it's never safe and usually leaks oil on the track on every pass

  6. Hi your wing should work but your sunroof doesn't help the air flow over the front window and roof. Your back edge of the sunroof is changing the height direction of the air flow that could possibly go higher then the wing Your need the sun roof hole flash with the rest of the roof.

  7. If you would have put a coat or two of clear on it the thing wouldn't be chipping so bad..I understand it's single stage but you need something to save paint .

  8. Think about what you are doing with the wing and aridynamics. I'm sure your going the right way with it. And the angle of the top air force. The angle of the top should be steeper and the bars should be much shorter for the mustang! Air follows the outline of the car big guy

  9. Try it without the wing. It's not like you have to cut it off. If it gets worse, you know it works. If there's no change then you know it isn't working. If it gets faster then you know it's hurting you.

  10. Hey buddy, think your doing a top job considering💯, not that clued up about set ups for no prep but seems to me your rear steer/wheel offsets are causing some issues, it's looks like a bit of a pendulum effect (rear chasing the front issue)?.

  11. Car is looking good John could you put the trunk wing on it so you have both wings to help that is how Chief has the crow then he adjusted the pitched the wing to 2 something degrees down wish you best of luck

  12. I've always thought more angle would give more downforce, so maybe you don't have enough angle for it to do what you want.
    But maybe I'm wrong. 🇺🇲🦅💪

  13. Put the Double Wing like Big Chief has on his maybe that's why his works so good…Big Chief has the regular wing that he's always had on his car and then he has the wing like you have now. 2 different wing's give that a try and maybe you can hang some weight on that wing too. There's a couple things you can try before you take the wing off…good luck TJ….🇺🇸💯

  14. Why do people get mad when you so something cool for someone as cool as Nick, with the things YOU own!? I watch him too…he's got a good head on his shoulders! John, sometime I hope to grab a ride with ya! I'm cool, promise!! I'm definitely a race fan!! Miss my days with my '71 Chevelle SS!! See ya man! ✌😎

  15. Check you corner drug store for 24hr extra strength allergy meds. (Good Sense)
    And for when you think your trying to catch cold or flu… Oscillicoccinum. It'll knock it out!! Take 2 of the allergy meds. Hope you can find these…it a BIG help when EVERYTHING is green… Even the red cars are green!!! Drag strips!!… Etc.

  16. That’s why I love Nick. The guy has a idea and does it. And what if he hits on something and makes that things bad bad fast the. Everyone is gonna be like ohhh he is cheating. The kid is a genius man. To see what him and maddy have gone through and sacrificed to live their dream people should applaud him. I applaud u John. They were struggling and it’s super cool and nice that u did that for them

  17. You and The Old Man are no prep ambassadors. After working on everyone else's street no prep cars I'm building my own 94 s10 ss with a ls 6.0l

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