Dig or Die $100,000 Purse

Finally, it’s Saturday and if you are racing today that means you made it through first round Friday night. We made it here, lets see if we can go another 6 rounds and get that check! Fun times! This race, you see it all!

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  1. Did they not put it into the rules that Lutz didn't need a blanket over that screw so if it blew the top off it…as they do, especially on that old thing…that 10 people wouldn't die from flying pieces of parts?

  2. Well, time for a LS swap John!lol
    You sure did go some rounds though! LS swap would be cool though, if you build a bigger c.i one, they're efficient and will hold the power!

  3. Hey TJ did u have run it in with 20 different angles of DONKEY GAP FOOTAGE!!!??😂😂😂 Awe man i was dead when u showed both car go pros 4 the PULL AWAY view from both cars!!😂😂😂😂 ESPECIALLY after all of that "IMMA PUT TURBO JOHN ON THE TRAILER!" talk!

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