Day 2 of Dig or Die $100k saw the field cut in half and ready to see who would move on for the money. With many big hitters left in from around the country, who would make it all the way for the big money and bragging rights at the top end of Rockingham Dragway?!?!?!?!?!

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  1. The Lutz car, no front ends, and girls with short-shorts, doesn't bother me as much as it seems that the promoters of DOD are getting in bed with NHRA.
    But the crowd at the starting line has to be fenced out, and the drunks need to be arrested for public drunkenness. Nobody at the starting line, will insure that the track staff and the flagger can do their job communicating with each other, instead of dodging bibulous fools stopping the starter from getting the results in a timely fashion. Say, 5 minutes instead of 30 minutes.
    The race organizers should know that NHRA will only exploit this race for their own benefit. We came this far without them, so it's obvious we don't need them. Limpy told the Discovery Channel to pound sand, and DOD should tell NHRA…no thanks. (Send their trophy back to them).

  2. Yeah they need to get all the idiots off the starting line n behind the walls that is a major safety issue that’s gonna shut this stuff down before long!!!

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