DI 30 Under 30 2021: Marques Hatton

The opportunities continue to come in impressive fashion for Marques Hatton, and the 27-year-old is doing his best to take advantage of each one.

He’s recently raced in X275 for 2019 DI 30 Under 30 honorees Ryan and DJ McCain and his latest dream could be a reality soon as well. Hatton is slated to get his NHRA Pro Stock license in early 2022 and will also look to race for a team as soon as next year in the PDRA’s Extreme Pro Stock ranks.

[Editor’s Note: This story originally appeared in DI #172, the 30 Under 30 Issue, in November of 2021.]

“The opportunity to drive a Pro Stock car has always been a dream of mine,” Hatton says. “Growing up watching all forms of drag racing, I’ve idolized many amazing Pro Stock drivers like Jason Line, Warren Johnson and Erica Enders. The thought of the opportunity to shift those gears at high RPM and compete against the elite teams is electrifying. I looking forward to bringing a new face to the class and shaking things up in the PDRA Extreme Pro Stock series as well.”

Hatton has made his name in the sport in the no-time and grudge ranks, enjoying a great deal off success, including a $25,000 victory last year driving for McCain. He grew up watching his father race motorcycles, jumping in a car as a teenager after a successful run in a Jr. Dragster.

Hatton picked up things quickly, showing plenty of talent behind the wheel and an impressive will to win.

Big challenges have always brought out the best in Hatton, too, and he’s not afraid to take on the biggest names in the sport. The competition aspect has pushed Hatton’s drive to improve and succeed, and it’s setting up for what could be a big 2022.

Along with the Pro Stock licensing and possibly competing in the XPS ranks in the PDRA, Hatton plans to continue to run in the no-time world, as well as X275 at Sweet 16. It’s a big undertaking, but Hatton is constantly motivated by proving himself against the best drivers in multiple series and classes.

“I’m competitive and I always want to race against the best,” Hatton says. “I’ve always been into racing, watching a lot of drivers and what they do, just trying to put myself in the best situations. It’s all about proving myself and my team to everyone watching that we’re serious, we’ve got a good hot rod and we can compete at a high level.”

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