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  1. Basically Kye never asked Lizzy for the win in the Great Eight. Before the race, Pat basically told Kye, not to blow his motor, and that they were going easy on him. So Kye did not go all out and Lizzy beat him. He was mad at Pat and Lizzy just got caught in the middle. When it happened live, months ago, I figured Kye was done with Pat and would move on to another engine brand and power adder. Perfect timing actually.

  2. Last season it was because Pat and Lizzy assumed Jerry guessed the light and Pat didn't like that Jerry tried to show them video of him leaving on green.

  3. Kye may be justified in his emotions and thinking about Lizzy potentially causing him to not get any great 8 points and not winning a championship, but how many races was he racing Lizzy because her car was destroyed from a wreck getting free points because she either borrowed a car or brought her street car. When it all comes down to it, Kye needs a team to beat Ryan Martin because he doesn't have enough car to do it by himself as Ryan has done year after year even when rules were changed to make his combo more difficult to win. Maybe Kye should look back over the races he was handed a first round win because of racing Lizzy and didn't capitalize on either going more rounds because he got beat in round 2 or he wasn't able to win the event when Ryan went out in the first round or 2. There are too many scenarios over the season where Kye could have made up points and didn't when it mattered. In the end his combo wasn't good enough to win it all without the help of a team. Over the last how many seasons has Ryan had the opportunity to get easy points racing a 405 guy because they were broke and he didn't take it because he said and I quote, " I don't want to win a championship that way because I didn't earn it".

  4. At the end of the episode I heard Kye say that the wedding was in 3 weeks (which would have made it around late November since this race happened in late October), just curious if they have gotten married or not. I couldn’t find any info, not that it is really any of my business, but just being curious.

  5. To be on any team you have to be a team player. If a member of your team is up in points and your not, you have to lay down. It doesn’t work in this sport . Let’s just have individual racers with their crew. That would be the teams. No one would have to lay down….. just my two cents

  6. The only cheaters that win are Liberals. I could only imagine had Ryan showed up to any of the events with Big Chiefs car to run because his was not fast enough. Or had Ryan whined that Daddy Dave did not call Ryan when DD's car was broken, beg Murder Nova to Roll over for him. Ryan never whined that the whole NPK was rigged to get the title to Kye. Bad eight rule all year, bounty on every single non great eight pass, fake red lights, and even some obviously using illegal fuels. Still Ryan won LOL LOL LOL.

  7. Kye was mad at pat cuz he came to him before great 8 race and said we making a conservative pass so no need to blow up engine and then obviously put a scorcher tune in lizzys car to beat kye and ruining his chances to catch Ryan

  8. Look it doesn't matter if he can't beat somebody straight up he doesn't need to be a champion that is the bottom line when you start giving stuff in racing that makes it not racing it's just called givein

  9. When u roll in to staging beams if your a racer i dont care who it is all bets r off end of story they both have sponsors and they r not going to stay with u if u dump them on the race

  10. So cheating is OK. Don't tell me it isn't cheating by laying down, because it is. And if kye can't beat Liz that's his problem. Cheating is never fair. And shame on those who want to do it. You cheat the fans, but I guess that doesn't bothers you

  11. Pat should never have approached Kye's car before the start of the race. He should've kept his mouth shut. Kye and Lizzy both want to win, and you don't earn it if the other driver lays down for you. Kye did not expect Lizzy to let him win, Pat caused the entire situation to blow up. It's like they say- we aren't friends at the starting line, but we'll be friends at the finish line. Pat not only screwed Kye,he screwed his own daughter.

  12. Kye Kelly showed his true colors on how he treats Lizzy and how he complains about everything. The fact that he expected his fiance to take a dive for him to win is chicken as $h!t as it gets. Then hearing him complain about it the whole rest of the episode was ridiculous. I'd rather watch 24 hours of JJ's chase is a race than Have to watch that episode of npk again w kye whining. All the 405 guys have been saying it for years. If you can't earn it you don't deserve it. And if we're friends.. we aren't friends until the finish line.

    3/4 if nola all whine and complain about wanting others in their team to take a dive or give them the "gimme race". That's why they'll never be champs bc they can't earn it without help. Just my humble opinion.👍

  13. No conversation here , if you're in a competitive situation you're trying to win. You don't lay down for anyone. And if I was kye, I wouldn't want her to lay down for me… at least not racing lol. If I beat her , I beat her. if she beats me, she beats me. If you want to beat Ryan Martin you know how you do that? You beat Ryan Martin . sorry you couldn't do that , better luck next year. You Didn't lose because your girlfriend wouldn't take a dive for you. In sports everybody looks at the last minute like it's the most important thing. It's not . there were points to be had in the 1st and 2nd round that if you got those, you may have ended up in 1st place. You didnt. While Pat may be an asshole, It still aint Lizzy's fault.

  14. Bro you don’t know what you are talking about, Lizzy and Jerry Bird got into it because Lizzy said Jerry jumped the light when he beat her. It had nothing to do with laying down for Lizzy.

  15. Pat is on team Lizzy only! Kye can cry about it, but it is clear where Pat stands! Pat wants Lizzy to win, period! If Kye switches motors it will be a very smart move, because I guarantee he doesn’t have the same motor as Lizzy anyway!

  16. If Ky can't beat her heads up he don't deserve it, your not gonna hear ryan martin ask his team for a free one. Ky should have known not to turn down his car why would you even risk it. I can hear it now: (ryan) Ky don't blow it up im not gonna send it this pass. (Ky) Ok we will turn off a kit (looses races, blames ryan martin). You gotta earn that #1 and Ryan has a good team and a good combo working and they keep working at it to stay #1. I like Ky and all but he looked like a spoiled brat baby.

  17. Its Pats car and team, lizzy just drives the car, thats why Lizzy said she trying to get the money together to buy her dad so she can have her own team? This is old news

  18. Kye is not justified , bullshit. You race your ass off like everyone else Kye. This is why you are number two and not number one

  19. What's the point of having "teammates" if you're not willing to help your fkn "teammate"? I'd be pissed if I was kye lol but if he wants to fix it for next season he should just put her in a shocker and sent Mr. Pat on his way 🤷‍♂️. Also … how do you do your soon to be husband dirty like that? 🤭

  20. People saying Kye shouldn’t have turned off the 6th kit for Liz but he didn’t do that for her he did that to save his motor. He did so believing Pat had turned down Lizzy’s car tho . At the end of the day Pat carry’s drama in is pocket and is not to be trusted 💁🏼‍♂️.BBB# Build Back Better.

  21. Every one is missing the point!! Kye is not upset that they didn't lay down for him, he's only upset that Pat told him he didn't need to stress his car because they were not pushing it. Kye then turned off his 6th kit and they went for it after Pat said they weren't going to!!

  22. If someone has to let you win THEN YOU DON'T DESERVE TO BE A WINNER LIZZY DID THE RIGHT THING DRAG RACING IS AN INDIVIDUAL SPORT NO FRIENDS AT THE STARTING LINE IF YOU CAN'T WIN ON your own you shouldn't be mad because you got beat so stop whining kye and don't blame others that you lost

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