Desert Storm CASH DAYS $12k Small Tire Shootout

Desert Storm Cash Days $12,000 Small Tire Drag Racing Shootout


  1. Badass video! I really don't understand why people feel the need to hold on to the car during the if someone's putting their hands on my paint we got a problem๐Ÿ˜‚

  2. I'd like to do an event that rewarded the winner as well as the car that posted the fastest time. Perhaps power cruise type where all of the cars had to drive X amount of miles then run. Great vid.

  3. all I have to say at least the two prettiest cars made it to the last race I have to say i was hoping that blue Foxbody Mustang would pull all the way and it did awesome video

  4. i remember seeing something about this event on facebook. From the last time i remember it was supose to be held at a airport or so i thought?

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