David vs Goliath: GR Yaris vs M4 Competition drag race

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Even though the GR Yaris weighs around 400 kg less than the M4 and features AWD, the M4’s brutal 375 kW/650 N.m straight-six makes quick work of the little homologation special. Still, the GR Yaris is ballistic off the line and most certainly has the traction advantage, it is, however, no match for the brawny M4 Competition.

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  1. If I owned the Yaris, I take the M4 off the line then intentionally let off, to make him think I'm just faster. I'd take the next exit. The M4 owner will be left with, "what if?" forever.

  2. The issue with the Yaris is to get a good take off without bogging, you need to launch it at 5000+ rpm which is brutal. how long will the clutch last?

  3. The GR Yaris is much more impressive than the M4. The GR Yaris is Toyota’s WRC homologation special. Meanwhile the M4 is largely based on the regular G22 4-series.

  4. This traction is part of the reason that BMW could not keep up with a GR on uneven country roads . Watch the drag races on here. The launch on the GR is amazing. beats everything off the line irrelevant of the rival.

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