DAMAGE INSPECTION! How is My AMG GT Black Series? Next Stop: USA

2,700km later, plenty of scrapes from speed bumps, track days at Yas Marina and Dubai Autodrome, driving in the sand and dust… it’s the end of the stay in the UAE for my AMG GT Black Series, and a final inspection at German Experts before it will be shipping onwards!

After an incredible adventure, including driving the car everywhere around Dubai, taking it to the Abu Dhabi F1 races at the end of last year, and driving to the iconic Jebel Jais mountain road, it’s time to pack things up. However, where it goes next is still slightly up for debate! Before that though, it’s important to see how the car has held up and get a full check up done before dropping it off as it might be a few months now before I see it again.

To do so, we’re heading over to German Experts and their new facility in Dubai, having expanded in addition to their even larger location in Abu Dhabi. Here they have all the trained staff and correct equipment to work with vehicles from countless brands including of course Mercedes and AMG, therefore perfect to take a good look over my car. Fundamentally it’s hard some hard running in the desert heat, and due to sitting so low to the ground had plenty of times where the scraping sound has been fairly horrendous. Not to mention the fact the tyre tread is right at the end… In any case, it’s in some good company with the other cars in the workshop, plus on display in the showroom the likes of a Maserati MC12, Hennessey Venom GT, Tramontana, and even a Torro Rosso F1 car.

Thankfully, other than some damage to the aero blades beneath the car that can be easily replaced, all is well and it’s onwards to CARS to drop off the GT BS ahead of the next adventures. One of my earlier ideas had been to head to Japan from here but with complex travel rules at the moment, we’re going to in theory go straight to the USA! It will take a while but be ready for a lot of fun there this summer.

Thank you to the team at German Experts for sponsoring today’s video, and the visit of the Shmeemobile to their facility for a check over. The facility is second to none and the perfect place to get work done on a car such as this; but also bodyshop work and even warranty services.

I’d also like to thank again Quantfury for their help in making this happen and bringing the GT Black Series to Dubai. They have a code of SHMEE that also gives you stocks or crypto valued between $10 and $250 when you join. You can trade commission-free at real-time prices of global and crypto exchanges. Always trade and navigate markets with caution! More information and details can be found at

Thanks for watching, Tim

00:00 Intro
01:27 Next Plans
04:53 Driving off the Sand
08:09 German Experts Showroom
09:46 Up on the Ramps
11:12 Further Browsing
13:35 Inspection Results
15:56 Engine Tables
17:59 The Last Drive
20:53 Drop Off at CARS
21:22 Wrap Up

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  3. Great car. Great video on track. That was special. Looking forward to your US adventures. Perhaps you’ll come through Dallas? Maybe? Safe travels.

  4. Did I Heard right, the First Solarbeam Yellow GT BLACK SERIES is Heading to the USA? Woah, I see a Showdown with the American Muscle Car GT500

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