Dallas Glenn on Pro Stock Win, Perfect Lights & What Makes a Great Burnout | The Wes Buck Show

Wes talks with NHRA Pro Stock rookie superstar and longtime KB Racing crewman Dallas Glenn about his second NHRA win in Topeka, his perfect .000-second reaction time in the final round, what makes for a great burnout, and much, much more. #NHRA #dragracing

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  1. I was fortunate a guy in Australia gave me a spot on the crew of his Prostock car, did that for 6 years, built my own car and drove it pretty good straight up because of just like you discussed, you do a lot of runs in your head and being on the outside watching you have the best opportunity to absorb it in….if you want it.

  2. There’s nothing wrong with a 0.000 light that’s what we strive for on every run we try to get as close to 0.000 as possible it’s called cutting a light not trying to red light or guess a light, and you can cut an instant green tree the same way you can a pro tree the only difference is the yellows don’t come on the time from full stage to green is exactly the same 0.4 of a sec so if you can cut a pro tree light you can cut an instant green tree, the three minute rule has been in effect in NHRA for as long as I can remember both drivers deserved a DQ my dad was a starting line official and he’s double DQ’d ppl for staging duels and there not gonna change the 3 min rule it’s a safety issue after 3 mins, and Wes if you were around racing as long as you say and your dad was a racer you would know these things about NHRA but you don’t your dad wasn’t a pro stock driver I think your full of crap

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