Daily Driver Street Outlaw Cars and Races – Street Race Talk Episode 230

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  1. Miget did power wheelie at the big end… She lifted then stabbed back into it with both kits on and power wheelie'd thro the finished line so cool and very powerful

  2. I for one am tired of seeing JJ and ready for Big Cheif and the 405 again! Discovery has burned us out on JJ! Way too much JJ now! No one can compare to Big Chief and the 405! They are the best show, much better than all the others to me! Discovery, MORE 405! PAY THEM MORE! They are worth every penny! Especially Big Chief, he is the original and there really is no one better! He can be imitated but never duplicated! He is so much smoother than the others! No offense against the others, but they are not as good to most of us! They were smart to get Big Chief and Shawn to show up in No Prep! They gave the No Prep tv show a boost and should be compensated for it as well! There will come a time when they can turn it all around on Discovery and make this all happen themselves! This is growing on social media and if they get a film crew of their own, I will help them, if they need it, to shoot, edit and post it with the advertising of our own. I will come out of retirement and get it set up! I have all the connections to save us a fortune! We can do it all! Then we can make the money Chief! Not a TV channel holding you hostage! We produce it! We sell it! Have Chief contact me at streetcarpeople website and I would be happy to help them out. After hearing Chief talk to you on the interview I can tell he is not happy with the situation he is in now and there is no reason he should be broke. Discovery is making a killing on all this and he was the original to start it all. Discovery is not being fair with Chief!

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