Daddy Dave vs Boddie Jr. Procharged Battle!

In this video we have the OG Street Outlaw racer Daddy Dave racing in the no prep kings event held at summit motorsports park in norwalk, ohio. Daddy Dave is no slouch and has been going round this season. On the other lane is Boddie Jr. Boddie Jr. has made a statement this year with the california team in general. With his dad Boddie helping out this father son duo has been hard to beat. Boddie Jr. drives a procharged setup in his camaro that propels the car into a competive state. Boddie Jr. is defintely the new up and comer killing the game right now. Check out this battle between the new school and a season veteran as daddy dave who has seen it all. Also, for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Why are the ratings dropping? Look at the promods! Just give that up! Look at the cars man. We love our street outlaws! But not like this. Everyone knows it

  2. The Sonoma wasn't Dave's vehicle to begin with but Daddy Dave and the Sonoma are an awesome combination during that time but Goliath 3.0 w/the Hemi is much better and superior. Plus, it's Dave's personal car on top of it that is cooler, faster, lighter, and has more history of wins. The Sonoma is cool but Goliath conquers all.

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