Daddy Dave & Chuck's Turbo Mustang!

Street Outlaws live no prep kings rolled into Minnesota for annual points race. At this race we captured Daddy Dave and Chuck Seitsinger who are a couple of og oklahoma top ten racers. Both racers have reached the number one spot in the oklahoma top ten list. But, this is no prep where the surface is quite different from the street. The racers go to different tracks everytime which makes the adjustments done to their car challenging. Daddy Dave drives the procharged nova known as the goliath. Daddy Dave has had his best no prep kings year so far reaching the great eight several times. Daddy Dave has not won a no prep kings race but has gone to the finals of the great eight race format. In the other lane we have Chuck Seitsinger who drives the turbo mustang seen in the video. Chuck has not done well this year but its all a matter of time before he gets going. Check out the video for all the action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social media platforms at:


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  1. Good morning Sarah, we are really looking forward to the 2023 NPK Season. Hopefullly we will see you at some of the events. Thanks for your work this past year!

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