Daddy Dave reveals Goliath's NEW twin-turbo setup!

It’s been awhile since we’ve seen Daddy Dave and Goliath 2.0 – long enough for him to completely change up the setup. Going from that beloved Procharger to our personal favorite – TWIN TURBSKIES! Had it not been for the limited room in Goliath’s engine bay, we’d probably have seen an even bigger procharger!
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  1. Way to go Dave ! Goliath 2 was fast with the procharger. It will be interesting see what happens with the turbos. Hopefully Discovery Chann wont wait a whole year to show Daddy Dave tearing the street up.

  2. It's funny how David still accuses anything he's scared of racing to be a "Pro Mod"! 😅 Some things never change I see… The new Mistress is no more a Pro Mod than Dave's. Those wheel bases don't look too altered- these don't fit the bill of a true Pro Mod, either of them- for many reasons. They're just a pair of No Prep racers. Dude's such a dickhead sometimes

  3. Build a new car, Dave..Copy Ryans Camaro…You're one of the best drivers out there, just need better car..That 481x is not as good as hemi and pro charger, but cheaper to run

  4. Daddy dave is my fav 405 racer. Seems like a cool dude. Hopefully i can meet him one day. He has years and years of experience and just seems laid back. Cool cat.

  5. Watched goliath run at Outlaw Armageddon last year. Wasn't setup for no prep or the tune was off, but you could tell it'd slay on a prepped track. He hopped in Daily Driver with the s10 at the last second and cheated tho. Ran that huge air to water and wasn't on 300 treadwear tires. I don't blame him for using them once he made it past tech and they didn't say shit about it. But when you're that big of a name, cheating to try to win a daily driver class is weird and he was a dick about it. They even had their own invite only DD class. He just thought it was an easy win. He got smoked by a grand marquis so it all equalled out. He seems like a cool dude in videos but every time I've met him, when he isn't busy with anything, he's always a dick and acts like he's better than everyone. Really arrogant. Monza and Shawn are cool as shit tho, our pit was next to shawn's at the same race and they were super down to earth.

  6. He's so humble, who remembers when Chris got punched in the face for being an asshole when Dave was recovering from a car crash?

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