Cutting my BRAND NEW race car to pieces… DISASTER two days before race day

Cutting my BRAND NEW No Prep Kings Shocker race car to pieces…. What a DISASTER two days before race day at NPK Rockingham North Carolina. Be sure to check out the Shocker Club Patreon if you are interested in even more behind the scenes content!
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  1. Kye Kelley Racing – I wish there was no music in these videos. Just here what is being talked about etc… would make them better.

  2. Hell yeah! This is what the fuk I’m talking bout! If you or Justin don’t get that upset then NPK 6 watch out the two I just named are some bad som-bich;s! Let’s fuking go! Real life team!

  3. That was a way bigger repair than I was expecting. Those suckers are really tied in there. Good work guys on such a quick turn around. It's hard to believe that tyre shake could do so much damage, but you hear lots of people complaining about it breaking things, so you know it is not a one off, or bad chassis building, it is a constant problem.

  4. Damn bro your life is a marathon! Even though so much went wrong that you had to deal with, so much went right for you! Glad you found the cracks, and had the team and resources to fix it so smoothly. I used to live down the road from Mooresville. Shout out to the 704!

  5. Hellava a team effort right there! Just be glad everyone doesn’t have an Adam that dude is all over everything!

  6. Theres no Question you put in the work Sir and Marty Merrilatt man thats some service Ryans team wroks hard too but it will be great to see Nola holding that NPK championship this year im sure no one wants to draw you in the next few races

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