Crow Mod Test Hit | Street Outlaws

Big Chief tests his new Crow Mod on the track to prepare for race night, but he runs into some unexpected issues.

Mondays 9/8c on Discovery

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  1. Lost some respect for chief in the finale. he changed the rules of race night, and punked out Doc and monza out of thier spots. calling them pussies for not wanting run down a shit road with tranny fluid on it. meanwhile he spends the whole show telling everyone how scared he is the get back on the street and race. SO HE WANTS TO BE THE LAST PAIR DOWN the road so HE and his car can be safe. that is some chicken hypocritical shit right there. they need to change the name of the show, to the big chief/midwest streetcars drama outlaw show! there is no more LIST. it's obvious Discovery Channel Hollywood producers run the racing scene in OKC now, and Big Bad chief is their #1whore. way to sell out justin.

  2. I like the show, not a fan of Big Baby Chief though. He kicks, screams, and postures when he doesn't get his way and now he's bringing a Gun to a knife fight (Pro mod to a street race).

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