Crazy Wrecks, World Records, & INSANE Racing – Import vs Domestic 2021

Import vs Domestic: World Cup Finals 2021 was everything we had hoped it would be! With racers from all across the world coming together to battle it out on the infamous “Jason Miller Track Prep”, we expected to see new records, broken parts, crazy close action, and of course – a few gnarly wrecks. Don’t miss out on this hour-long highlight video – packed full of the fastest, closest, and sketchiest races from 3 days of racing!

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  1. AT 1:10 Im pretty sure when he went through the finish line.He hit the brakes to fast an hard..Thats why it broke hard right immediately..This happened to me when I was doing about 150 to 153 when I barely just touched the brake pedal it's slingshotted me hard right instantly and I was in a 2014 BMW.. But i could be wrong but at 140 mph it doesn't take that much for that to happen..Thank God he lives to race another day

  2. Thank you !!! hated not being able to stream live but this best one so far of mir world cup 2021 1320 knows whats up keep bringing the content always got the fire

  3. got to love that Datsun at about 24.59 pulling a 6.6 at over 200 with the front tires not touching the whole race that would be a fun one to try driving it's a little beast

  4. Might b a dumb question but what is the smoke coming out of the top of the trunk from some of those muscle cars? Looks like a wastegate size pipe ( i know it’s not a wastegate exit lol)

  5. Saw the G8 lose its rear suspension and was like, damn! Looked like the welds ripped right off the third member. Then, it turns out to be Rick Crawford's car. 😂, crazy. A lot of stupid fast cars and action at this event. That no-prep Mustang guy is fast AF! Great coverage too.

  6. We actually need a lot more ALL 1/4mile events like this !!!!!!! It’s so sad that it’s only one of these events every year & the rest is only 1/8th mile events.

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