Today on your Monthly Dose Of Recent Automotive Crazyness there will be a crazy Formula 1 and GP2 car on the roadr! A Big Turbo Ford Falcon, Straight piped Evo gets karen mad, Rear engine Golf 4, Ninja H2 swapped Quad, A turbo furnice, 400HP+ VW Tiguan with Launch Control , Jet engine Truck, BMW vs. Mercedes Drag Race, 2-Step & Antilag Impact , crazy turbo bov ( turbo flutter and BOV )

This series is inspired by Daily Dose Of Internet and Carmighty

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All credits to

Big Turbo Ford Falcon eats Kebab – @Keep It Reet

Angry Karen vs. Straight piped Evo – @jhyred

Formula 1 car on street – @rimvydasci

Rear Engine Golf – @anton.levelup

Kawasaki Ninja H2 Quad swap – @raptor_h2

GP2 car on the Autobahn – @gercollector @dryvero

Turbo Furnice – @coastboyzz

New years eve engine firework – @slobdost

400hp+ big turbo VG Tiguan – @hernaninyeccion

BMW M140i vs. Mercedes benz C63 AMG spin out – @r35_squires

Jet engine truck on drag strip – @tricky519c

Flame shooting tractor – @@az.agr.emilia


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