Crazy Karen MAD Over My Stereo System In Race Rig! (really loud)

Crazy Karen MAD Over My Stereo System In Rig! (really loud)

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  1. Someone got the video!!!! If I would’ve made a post at palm beach no one would’ve believed it 😂😂 KAREN CAME OVER TO THE PIT AFTER TALKING MAD S*** in the stands. She came over and was yelling at my guys… so I walked up and they got my attention, she said

    “you need to turn this off” strike one…

    I tried to smile and oh we are having fun and everyone is having fun… she said

    “lucky my kids not here or I’d be whooping your ass” strike two

    I said good thing they not here to put you in that situation (laughing) she said

    “if I buy a shirt will you promise to turn it off an leave it off” strike three

    I told her I didn’t need her to buy a shirt. She got mad and left and I really turned it up for her exit! I went back to talking to the kids and signing

    I’m having fun and respectful to everyone that comes up, but KAREN PLEASE DONT COME UP DEMANDING ANYTHING, it won’t go far…. Cause I really dgaf and my fans and supporters dgaf either! Everyone hears worst now a days! Lighten up, have fun in life and enjoy it!!!! Just know win or lose we gonna have fun see everyone in week at maple grove! #swangang #justinswanstrom

  2. That was me and my son in the black and red shirt with straw hats I heard her complaining to the crew and they said it’s not on us we’re not the owner and she asked who is I knew I walked around to watch Justin you couldn’t see me from this angle but soon as Justin pulled phone out and started looking at it I knew yup he cares less what u have to say and kept trying to walk off and she kept going on bitching I’ve been waiting to see if this came to light sure enough lmao

  3. I get that there're kid's at the event but it just word's that I'm sure they hear worse at home on the reg. Fuck'em let that bitch eat.

  4. She wouldn't stop walking by me and slapping my ass. We eventually swapped numbers but the whole ass slapping thing was weird.

  5. Glad to see you didn't buckle to the pressure and kept your Kool and stayed respectful. Good luck this year brother hopefully will get to see you win a few if not the whole event.

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