Cops Can’t Stop These Races – SWEDEN Street Racing!

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Due to some legal complications we were not able to post this footage from 2016, but the wait is over! The Sweden streets are absolutely insane! In this video you’ll be witnessing the Valhalla Cup. It is essentially a cash days but instead of finding a nice quiet dig spot, they just stop traffic on busy highways, race, and then dash off to the next spot on the highway! If you’re thinking that the cops catch onto this easily, you’re absolutely right! The racers do not care and get their runs in anyways! This is absolute chaos and just a teaser to what’s to come! (Stockholm Open)

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  1. Yes, cops can stop you punks by weeding you out, one by one.

    Your activity is what's putting people to the risk. Like Professor and dog in California being road killed by illegal street racing punks in July 4th.

  2. Now, someone throw a part with both street and su rock bouncers? And for god's sakes someone find out which is the most bad ass, rock bouncer, Ultra4 or formula off-road…

  3. 10:27 one would think the cops are kinda mellow about the streetracing with that comment but if they tie you and your car to streetracing they seize it and destroy it(not 100% sure about that though)

  4. The Swedes don't mess around when it comes to racing! The racers and spectators have ba**s being there and the cops are only a few cars behind them with the blue lights.

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