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  1. They are growing a franchise. They're not going to rig it. I see a lot of the personal stuff going by the wayside. I see more classes. I see more rules. Hopefully it doesn't go plastic cookie cutter like the NHRA. I also see just about everything going Hemi. There's no reason not to. The forged aluminum Hemi is the apex motor. Just order the hard parts choose the fuel delivery, and induction, and go get it. No exotic or complex machining to try to make something else good enough to compete.

  2. A local shop here in Perth offered to fix the car for Ryan but he turned them down and had it sent to a shop in Melbourne who is involved with organising the street outlaw events in Australia.
    Kye kelley looked the fastest on small tyres by a heap.
    I was at the racing on saturday. Aussies are whining sore losers.. ( I'm a new Zealander living in perth)
    Round 1 grudge races were negotiated
    Round 2 grudge races were numbers pulled out the bucket with no negotiations. the murder nova vs the promod race was the very last race of the night and Shaun just treed him real bad, then the promod went round him just after the 60ft.
    Farm truck had a few good runs also, hustled alot of money out of the Aussies.

  3. I was involved as a crew member at Perth
    It’s not rigged
    The OG”s won it on the negotiations
    Who got the hit, lining up on back tyres always to there advantage and so they kick a lot of butts
    They were very fast on a no prep surface
    But if you see the amount of carnage you’ll realise it wasn’t rigged
    Everyone was going for it, it’s just different racing for us drag racers
    A great new event

  4. You are too negative, they are in a different country and it takes time to figure out things. You and your plan in place is Bullshit. You are always too negative and nuts on your observations. Chill out and you brain won’t hurt like it looks when you say these negative and your BS plans stuff

  5. Nah, no rig. They just don’t race on a scraped track and they struggle on any track that isn’t prepped. You don’t see Australia come over and try NPK over here because they prefer prep.

  6. To all the people that think it's all scripted and rigged you don't make sense if it were rigged why would they let Jim Howe beat Ryan Martin and kye Kelly and what about all the wrecks and fire was that fake fire on swansroms car I mean give me a break why would they stack all the rules against someone you think is scripted to win so just miss me with all that bullshit

  7. The racing is 110% real. The money is real although the top guys get money per episode. Sean hasn't won on NPK and he might be the highest paid guy out there on the TV show side of it. Look the racing is real but it is a TV show. So Probably some of the b***** drama is pushed by the producers but the racing is real

  8. I do think they create a situation where the racers have to change they're setup like putting on small tires and that makes the car slower than what we see on most of the shows. Also Murder Nova mentioned that he didn't have any VP fuel after he was told that it wouldn't be a problem. Now he has to run whatever they can get. I'm sure to some people who know nothing about what goes into setting up a car or tuning etc it's easy to pop off and say that it's rigged

  9. rigged 1st race bs man ryan is done robins car got smashed man in shipping container
    its all promods but listen these mfers are sharing tools u hve a cube to work from thats all

  10. The thing people forget is Lutz, stinky Pinkney,and Robin Robert's are the only ones on big tires…. everyone else is on small tires so if they line up with a big tire car they might negotiate the hit…. which is why that murder nova race looked like it was rigged

  11. They negotiated getting the hit and that's why you see races where one car leaves before the other car. It's because they all took small tire cars over there or it's because they were racing a legit pro-mod.

  12. I think npk competitively is just way more advanced then Australia. The npk guys are racing weekly and getting paid for it. As a team they have more hours on the no prep track.

  13. Sim if you watched anything. Australians put their hands up straight away. So Pilgrim didnt have to. bECAUSE AUSSIES ARE GOOD PEOPLE. wE OFFERED HIM A WHOLE BLOODY CAR. aND ENDED UP GIVING HIM A WHOLE CARBON FRONT END. Cmon man. get with it.

    Other than ROBIN ROBERT car being in a crash the truck carrying the container rolled over it appears that his car is just panel damage problem with us in australia we had no idea what cars were coming over WORD on the street is there going to have a world 20 fastest in the world ??? cant just have the 405 ? no he isnt i dont wanna say to much but melbourne is on the way to queensland btw no its no we have australia v USA every yr so ya not up to date on the funny car game ? PERTH in our cuba IF yes no wat i mean wait till the next race the east coast is much more pro-chargers so the gray car HOLDEN TORANA its your chevy VEGA the little green car is a holden lx torana gtr

  15. I think allot of the Street Outlaw guys first races had stipulations. I think in that race Murder got the hit. Most likely the Aussies have never done anything like that and we're a little slow at reacting.

  16. Let's see them race without cameras around and I bet the outcomes are a lot different, never seen the Australian drivers ever leave that late on the tree…….. just saying… maybe there's some truth to what your subscribers comments being posted

  17. They are a production studio for entertainment purposes and have the right to write the script anyway they want its not rigged its just scripted

  18. You have to start by defining what the word "rigged" means. The dictionary defines it as "manipulated or controlled by deceptive or dishonest means". Now some people are going to say it is, while others are going to say it's not, depending on your interpretation of the word. Drag racing since it was first invented started with both people leaving on a green light, or before drags existed leaving on a hand drop, but they have always left together (unless you talking DIY handicap stuff) but what took place at Perth amounts to manipulating the outcome of the race.

    Now I don't believe they deliberately pre-arranged the race outcome via a discussion, but to give one person such a huge advantage over another, intentional or not you are still effecting the outcome, so therefore you are still effectively rigging the race. Farmtruck in one of his races was at least two truck lengths in front of the other car and got the hit on top of that. He was so far in front of the other car that the front of his truck was in front of the Christmas tree The only reason he won the race was because of the advantage. In a heads up race he would have clearly lost.

    So the outcome clearly amounts to being rigged. What is the difference to him winning with that advantage versus starting him off two feet from the finishing line? Manipulation is manipulation, and it doesn't amount to real racing if it is not even.

    Now the flip side of that same argument is that a pre arranged handicap was negotiated. And there is nothing deceptive or dishonest going on (besides the betrayal of the people who come to watch drag racing). So I would argue that it was not rigged, but it also wasn't drag racing either. It was two people independently driving in the same direction at speed. Because without some form of real control it can't be considered a race. It like getting a participation trophy for just showing up.

    The other thing you have to remember is that in Australia we don't do pretend racing like they do in America. We don't do this poor me give me a head start stuff. Up until to last weekend in Australia we used to do real drag racing, but this now changes everything. We have just become as fake as America for participating in this farce masquerading as drag racing.

    I think some of the outrage you are sensing is coming from the fact that we were happy to watch pretend drag racing while it was happening in America, but now that is has been brought to Australia people are not so accepting of it.

  19. In Australia they only do 1/4 mile drag racing on prep'd track. They dont do 1/8 mile no prep. So they have no experience or setup knowledge for no prep 1/8 mile drag racing. Its a massive disadvantage. Its all new to them and they are on a massive learning streak. They dont have the decades of experience and knowledge at no prep 1/8 mile that the US does.

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