Comet Cyclone Street Legal Drag Car | Ford Aluminum 427 SOHC | 837 HP | 1964 Merc Marauder Park Lane

“Cammed Heat” is a ’64 Mercury Comet Cyclone factory lightweight custom gasser drag car built by Tom Lantz. The Dual Quad manifold, 750 Holley Carbs, custom built headers, and Aluminum ’68 Can-Am Ford block crank out 837 HP! Talk about a throwback, it’ll literally throw you back in your seat!

We also fire up a rare sleeper ’64 Merc Marauder Park Lane 25th Anniversary Edition. This top-of-the-line Merc sports ivory ostrich pattern interior that really pops! It also has a factory 4 speed, 390 Super Marauder, dealer installed Tri-Power, air conditioning, power windows and seats! Check out the Galaxie and Thunderbird influence on this ride.

0:00 – Intro
1:18 – 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone
6:04 – 1964 Mercury Comet Cyclone Drive
7:53 – 1964 Mercury Marauder
13:37 – 1964 Mercury Marauder Drive

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  1. My first car was a 1964 Mercury Caliente I was 16 years old, and found it in an apartment building stall sitting, paid $90 put a battery in it, points, aired up the tires,and drove it for 2 years

  2. Very cool 😎
    I dig both ride's. The Cyclone reminds me of Dyno Don ride from back in the days. Art Chrisman had one with a supercharger on top. Very nice

  3. Didn't alter the wheelbase on the Comet like they did back in the day but otherwise VERY cool. I had a maroon 66 Cyclone GT with the 390 and 4 speed. Sold it when I got drafted .

  4. Had a black on black 64 Cyclone 4 speed and loved that car. Had many more muscle cars over the years but the Cyclone is still my favorite!! Light, agile and fun to drive along with that beautiful body design. Hard to beat!

  5. That Marauder is gorgeous, what a car! 64 was a good year for great styled cars. I'd take with that or a 64 Pontiac Ventura

  6. Two Amazing Mercury's. The original Black factory 4-speed Marauder looks like it just drove off the showroom floor. A beautiful car inside and out. The cammer clone A/FX is off the charts like it's cousin the Ford Fairlane Thunderbolt. I can't believe how well this car handles the road

  7. Bought a new Mercury in 1965 .It was a 2dr HT Park Lane with a 390 AND a 4-SPEED. It was quick for a big car. Very rare with a 4-SPEED. The 427 was optional, but I never heard of one.

  8. In '89 I bought my first classic car, an early sequence '70 Skylark Custom convertible. It wasn't a modified car; that's the model name: Skylark Custom. I was working on it in the driveway and a neighbor with a Comet Cyclone stopped by and said "when you drive that Buick, you'll be King of the Road. Unless I'm on it".

  9. Thank you Dennis. The appreciation you show for the Marauder is infectious-encouraging β€œlisteners” to learn especially after β€œthe watchers” feast on the size of the Cammer. Great job! As a teen I jumped ship from my β€˜67 Galaxie XL to a Chevy based on economics. I agree with you-NOTHING is smoother than a Big Block Ford.

  10. nothing law and order about the Comet, lol and my 66 Mustang stock door weighed 75 lbs, the windows with the cranks setup weighed 35 of that ., eventually got the car down to 2525 lbs with the 289 aluminum intake and all the priceless today parts removed. cant believe a modern Mustang weighs close to two tons !

  11. Thank you for introducing me to my new dream car that mercury comet cyclone that is one I wouldn't only give my left testy for but I might go my whole sack for that cammer, it is beautiful.. wow ! what a well done car the owner sure has shown how to do cars the right way.. that Marauder is pretty damn sexy as well.. it reminds me of a 1965 convertible Ford Galaxy 500 XL my great uncle gave me back when I was a dumb kid.. it had a fast running 390, 4 speed he bought it new and had driven it back and forth from coast to coast a few times, after I got it and I had to try to make it what I thought was better the paint I didn't like, I was a dumb kid with no taste. ford I believe called the color honey gold , so my dumb ass put a cheap $200 black paint job over it and mag wheels on it and air shocks on it and street raced it until I blew it up.. what a waste makes me want to cry when I think about it especially when I see nice old Ford's and Mercury's done nowadays..

  12. That darn Marauder is absolutely beautiful. I'm honestly not sure I've ever seen one. I own, and I'm generally into, European cars…but I think it may be one of the prettiest vehicles I've ever seen. Something about it just speaks to me. Very nice. I need to find one.

  13. Those cammers don't even start to run until you push em. Can't possibly drive them on the street. Too much power.

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