A certain GTR owner that many of you may know but wants to stay “anonymous” for legal reasons, thought he was going to puppy kick some slow cars until these Audis showed up! They embarrassed the GTR owner! Enjoy the video guys!

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  1. As the spotter that night, I do want to clear that I did call cops when the lights turned off, but communication in the walkie talkies must've not been clear.

  2. Let your girlfriend drive the car her reaction time is nuch quicker then yours. You launch like a sissy too geez. Come off the line like an animal.

  3. 7:51 HAHAHAH that altima MADE my day! Because altima drivers are the worst on the planet. The car looks worse than stock, and sounds like a baby bee trying to stay alive. Edit: Wait, it's a MAXIMA? The second worst car? hahaha

  4. 12:21 the RS3 did not jump. I am an animator. I know how to spot small details in everything. You can press ">" and "<" on youtube videos to go frame by frame in case you did not know. The RS3 had excellent reaction by a few frames.

  5. U can obviously tell the civic’s ppl set up the cash days lol idk y ppl don’t get how these cash days go.

    9/10 the host has ties to one car in the cash days maybe even 2

  6. Creo q el q esta hablando y dando reglas no debería d estar en ese lugar con una cerveza en la mano modelo y tomando q respecto es ese a sus compañeros es una falta al volante regla d un verdadero competidor

  7. That is by far the worst GTR driving/launching I have ever seen. Please sell the car because you’re degrading it by racing eco boost mustangs who are launching harder than you off a dig smh 🤦🏽‍♂️

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