Close Call At National Trails!!! NPK #5 National Trails Raceway

Close call in Ohio, but we drove away with the Win! Street Outlaws NPK Season 5 Race #5 June 3-4 2022.

Ryan Martin Fireball Camaro of Discovery Channels Street Outlaws, and Back to Back NPK Champion.

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  1. Question?? Same track, prepped vs I prepped. would you makes many setup changes or is it just a tuning changes at that point?

    And with the glass life just let fireball sit in sun and lizzys Mark’s come right out! Lol

  2. I’m glad you have still been winning after NPK has tried to slow you down by adding weight. It’s just a shame they have to do something like that everyone should have a choice what they run and the cream will rise to the top if not change your program to make your car faster. Did NHRA penalize John Force for winning all his championships, NBA didn’t make Michael Jordan wear weights to keep him grounded. Pilgrim Productions wants Kye or Lizzie to win and that’s not right to make rules to help them they all ready have the largest motors in NPK let them figure it out on their own. Keep winning and show them you are the cream that rises to the top. You Sir are the most gracious person in NPK.

  3. 19:21 That messed me up for a second! I was thinking Liz Musi because of the Martin vs Musi screen and didn't realize that was Cherish. I was like Dang, they're getting pretty friendly at NPK! I'm an idiot.🤣🤣 Also, Congrats on the win and taking the lead in points!!

  4. I apologize I don't remember your wife's name but a late happy birthday to her. The fact that you and lizzy didn't total the cars at that speed says alot nerves of steel my hats off to the both of you and then when you raced kye it looked like that lizzy and kye where out to get you lol. Ryan and TEAM, you all are awesome. God bless and as always be safe 👍

  5. I hope you win it all again Ryan. You don’t talk all that 💩💩💩💩 like JJ THE MORON. You and your guys just show up a handle your business. GREAT JOB!!!!

  6. Everybody is making harder for Ryan to win!!!!!
    405ALL DA WAY!!!!
    He won't read this¿¿

  7. Best part of this entire video!!! Is the wifey!! Great wife happy man awesome team GREAT FAMILY ALL THE WAY AROUND!!! PRIDE HARD WORK AND HARD TIMES PAYS OFF! GREAT JOB LADIES AND GENTS!!! GREAT VIDEO FROM START TO FINISH!!

  8. We have been following you since day 1 Ryan Martin !! You and your team rock !! Good luck today and threw out this season !! See you in Ennis texas !!

  9. Whoever schedule’s the races is terrible!! Crazy they think the teams can keep the cars and equipment working going as far as they do in between races!!

  10. Obviously it isn’t easy being on top, but you get in where you fit in. If you’re the fastest like Ryan, you have a bullseye painted on the back of your head!!!

  11. Wow, two cool, calm, folks right there. Lizzy and Ryan always have tight races, always respectful of each other, always polite and concerned for one another if and when something happens. Ryan said it best "Hey girl we are just out here racing, thats all, no big deal." Lizzy as well right there, being concerned for competitors before she thinks of herself. She needs to teach the other guys that. Congrats to Lizzy for another semi finals, and to Ryan for another win. Two class acts, that give this sport a leg up on most other pro-sports. All the best guys. Pedals down, win lights on!

  12. Long time fan…LONG TIME. You get this all the time but you truly are a class act. And Lizzy??? You’re the real deal. This is the shit pilgrim/discovery dramatizes on that stupid show. I don’t watch it anymore but I’m always going to be on these real deal YouTube channels seeing the real shit. All class>all trash (pilgrim/disc)

  13. If Lizzy would have pulled her chutes when yall made contact could that have been catastrophic for both of yall? Possibility of them getting tangled? From my lack of chute physics looks like she saved both of your asses for not pulling the chutes.

  14. Note to self.
    Winners do the little things most people neglect to do,
    e.g. he didn't stand by his car waiting for people to come up to him, but instead, he walked around and found everybody else to say "thank you for your help."
    Winners make the people around them feel like winners as well.

  15. Lol, wife said "whoa, why is Ryan kissing on Lizzy???" at a distance they do favor each other with the blond hair.

  16. Yeah great win and all that but what’s with them goofy trophy’s I’m sure you got a few now and they will look real good in the foyer of your business when you retire ,After you win 5 or 6 npk championships and what a present for the wife on her birthday your a class act bud Well done

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