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Only three times since the introduction of NHRA Pro Stock in 1970, has the factory hot rod division been overhauled. When the class was introduced it was done so based on a similar factoring system as was done in Super Stock, its predecessor. Pounds per cubic inch as well as other factors including wheelbase determined the weight each combination raced with.

With the IHRA’s Mountain Motor concept snagging all of the major drag racing headlines for its seven-second exploits, the NHRA decided at the end of 1981 to scrap its antiquated system of factoring and adopt a universal displacement and weight.

Our team at CompetitionPlusTV has compiled a season in review of that 1982 season, which features the likes of Lee Shepherd, Bob Glidden, Frank Iaconio and Warren Johnson. You might even see a few cameo appearances in there as well.

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  1. That was so much fun back when everyone had to make their own stuff and it was truly a battle of wits. t
    Thanks for posting. Got any more?

  2. Always rumored boys ran the juice a lot in the 80 s then they busted eckert cause of that nitrous backfire burp was it Indy?.I remember he received lifelong ban.

  3. Any chance we can get some great footage of the greatest class in drag racing history, competition eliminator. I'd love to see some of the heros like John Lingenfelters or Richie Bourkes awesome index crushing A/ED dragsters or Vinnie D's or Jerry Haas revolutionary 63 Corvettes . It's the class where real engineering masterpieces battle it out for supremacy. Thank you

  4. How dare I forget Bob Books earth rotating A/D that I literally drove 14hrs to see race and it was totally worth the drive

  5. Man, that yellow Camaro must've been hypnotizing to look at back in '82! Those Pro Stocks growl so angrily at the line! Classic pro stock is the best! Thanks for the upload!

  6. My best friend and I built so many Reher-Morrison models, and we'd pretend we were racing. My friend would put a Top Fuel axle and slicks under his because he thought the slicks with the model were too small. Those huge slicks did look good tucked in there.

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