classic Opel GT racecar 280hp

Engine built by

Filmed between 2013 and 2015 at the Nürburgring and Circuit Zolder.

Filmed with Canon Legria HF M46

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  1. Erg leuke wagen. Heb hem in actie gezien bij de historic gp op zandvoort en was één van mijn favoriete wagens. Werd snel mee gereden en kon prima meekomen met de veel sterkere auto's in het veld. Daarbij nog mooie vlammen bij het terugschakelen en dan raak je al gauw de zwakke plek in mijn autohart 🙂

  2. I love Opels! I live in the USA and back when I was in high school my first car was a bronze colored '74 Opel Manta (A). Actually, over here, it was called a Buick Opel which was a GM thing, but that doesn't matter much. The strange thing is, in my high school which was pretty damn big — 600 people per grade, there were only two kids who owned Opels and one teacher. It was me with the Manta and my GF who had a metallic blue Opel GT and my Calculus professor had a 4-door Kadett. Back then I had auto mechanics twice a day (I already fulfilled my serious classes so I was just screwing off at that point) and I did all of the maintenance on his Kadett. I guess that helped seal my A in the class. 😀
    In other words, Opels were very rare in the USA, but I loved mine. It had its problems with vapor lock during our hot summers but I learned an electronic fuel pump cured that problem. About the only other mod besides that was a Weber carb and Koni shocks, slightly lower springs and a bit wider tires. I learned a LOT about working on cars with that one — thanks to my genius Grandfather who seemed to know to do everything! Thanks for the memories!

  3. Is that a 1.9 engine that has been modified or a aftermarket engine it appears to be a aluminum head not stock looks like it has cam button what transmission is in it

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