Chuck 55 at Outlaw Armageddon!

Outlaw armageddon took place at thunder valley raceway in noble, oklahoma. This no prep race attracts many of the top no prep racers in the country. Case in point Chuck 55 who is from the 405 has raced in this event several times and done well. Chuck 55 had started racing in no prep a long time before no prep kings and won many no prep events with nitrous assisted 55. These days Chuck runs a big screw blower setup on the 55 but these runs in this event in the video were some of his last nitrous runs in the 55. The car worked well in the first several years of racing no prep but everyone keeps getting faster and faster therefore combinations tend to change with the times. Check out this video to see Chuck 55 doing some nitrous runs with the 55 as we take a look back at armageddon. Also, check out our social media platforms to keep up with our filming locations below:


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