Chris Baily Destroys Dodge Demon Record Again

Chris Baily has done it once again. He reset his own record in his 2018 Dodge Demon at Houston Raceway Park during the Quick 30 event.

However, Chris confessed it was an accident. Baily buckled into his Go For Broke Racing built-426 HEMI Demon for what he thought was a test and tune trip down the drag strip to gather data, but it turned out to be a record run. He went 7.82-seconds at 169-MPH.

“It wasn’t really supposed to do that, and it was a complete accident that it did that,” Baily said. “We were testing our first nitrous pass on a new engine. We shut it down with about 200 feet or so to the finish line and pulled the chutes to slow it down because it was going quite fast, and we just needed the data.”

When Baily pulled back around to the pits, he didn’t know what was happening because everyone was cheering. It was then that he found out he broke the fastest record set in a Dodge Demon – again. The Texas racer broke the record for the first time with an 8.47-second run. Then it was contested at 8.37-seconds. However, Baily stepped up again and held the previous record at 8.11.

“We’ve been making small tweaks to the engine and setup of the car,” explained Baily. “Our goal is to go even faster, but we’re spreading the gap in the record now.”

This past record-breaking run might’ve been a surprise, but Baily and his crew are ready to get his Dodge Demon back on the track to make a complete 1/4-mile pass. He’s planning on testing the car again in a month. “That was the third pass on that engine. We were testing new parts and components, and it’s doing really, really well, and it’s making a lot of power,” he said.

“It’s the original HEMI engine stroked out to a 426. It’s built by one of our vendors – Go For Broke Racing. He specializes in building race engines for the modern HEMIs, and he put a motor together for us, and we were out testing,” Baily continued.

This past weekend was a collective effort of the crew Chris has surrounded himself with. Baily recognizes his team’s dedication and hard work and pays it forward by donating his race winnings to a non-profit organization. “This particular year, we’re donating to B Loved. It’s an organization that provides homes and foster parents to kids,” Baily said. “All of our money goes to B Loved. As long as we can keep winning, we can keep sending some cash.”

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