Chevy Wagon rips HUGE Wheelies & WINS..This thing is SICK!

This 1 of 638 Chevy Chevelle Malibu has been YEARS in the making and what a way to debut it! Wheelies on wheelies for this rare twin turbo Monster. It’s not often you see a vehicle this size putting the front wheels in the air and staying out in front of it’s opponent!

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  1. That is such a beautiful ride. And that was one of the nicest wheelies I've ever seen while still going so fast for the win. I was impressed with how lightly it landed.

  2. The coolest wheelie I ever saw was done by the Little Red Wagon, a 1964 Dodge A-100 pickup, March 9th 1969, the second day Sears Point Raceway (now called Sonoma Raceway) was open. It did a wheelie all the way down the 1/4 mile, turned around and did a wheelie all the way back.

  3. That is very cool to see, I did some work for the engine a few years back. Never did know who ended up with that power plant. The original car it was in was a very cool Canso here in Vancouver BC.

  4. 1 of those was my uncles up here in Canada… We lived in Edmonton Alberta at the time… not sure of the year his was?? '69 i thought Nomad on the fender…

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