Chevy Novas On the Attack in Street Race!!

In this video we have a couple of chevy novas that are nitrous assisted racing in the small tire class at h town throwdown event in hartshorne, oklahoma. The copper colored nova is named casa nova and is one solid nova looking to advance far in the small tire class taking another nitrous assisted nova. The casa nova also took on the always fierce competitor the firebird which is driven by ryan mitchell who has done extremely well in any street style race since 2020 has started. The winner of these races will ultimately take on the challenger waiting in the wings which is the nitrous assisted camaro known as the mistress in tomorrow’s video. Check out the action and for more no prep action we cover follow our social medias at:


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  1. Ben at a track when a car also would not start due nitrous leaking past soleniod when it did start it exploded ripping the engine and front of the car apart, then burning half the car out

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