Cheating Conspiracy in NPK – No Prep News Episode 160

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  1. They arbitrarily enforce their rules. If you're Joe Blow they want your car to have a VIN (the rules are posted on their site for all to see), but if your Lutz, Bird, or B-Rad, you can race cars that have never had a VIN. I'm a Lutz fan boy and I think it's BS that a car born a Dodge Avenger pro stock ride doesn't magically become a GM product with a little bodywork.

  2. Ryan is the goat. Not saying Jim is cheating but I understand the accusations, however can't say why his car is doing what it's doing so I can't say he is or isn't cheating. I doubt he or others would, the racers aren't stupid and if they see something off with someone car I don't think they would hesitate to call them out to the rules committee

  3. Nitro Methane same fuel they run in Top fuel and the same fuel Chief said he runs. NPK is allowed to run Methanol. But they can’t add Nitro to it. You can quickly smell nitro. And apparently someone was running it in Texas.

  4. Hey Simm what happened to chief? His Facebook pages are all spam, no new videos in a long time and still not doing any racing?

  5. Would not surprise me one bit if Jim Howe actually done that with his fuel. I have never personally cared for him since I saw him and knew who he was in one of JJ the boss events. He just seems like a shady shady shady character to me. But as they say the cream will rise to the top. Ryan Martin Top Dog Kye Kelley number two nobody works harder than those two guys except maybe Justin swanstrom because he's always crashing or tearing something up but those three guys they're the top dogs Jim how in my opinion shouldn't be named in the same breath as those three guys

  6. As I have said the reason Ryan wins is because his team is a team, if one of the 405 get on top the rest makes sure they stay there. Kye and Lizzy need to come to an agreement that if one of them is in the running to win the other makes sure they don't take points from them, opps I'm broke, well we switched something to win and it didn't work. That's why you have a team

  7. Well Jim how has admitted as much to cheating with Odom in regards to Odom red lighting now they go off of the electronic system where somebody else lets go of the button outside of the car yeah a Bluetooth button and he has been accused of using a different fuel before if you’ve seen stuff online he is the only one putting blue flames out at an idle on the starting line not another car does it I like John Odom but I don’t like him I’ll never have an ass to one of your videos back wimpy is not and had said so long before that video was not a part of Cassidy‘s and continues to not like how things go on the TV show yeah he may go to see the racing but I highly doubt you’ll see him on camera participating in the event

  8. Ya but swanstrom had a huge fire an drop down to 12 n came back up to 3rd.and also won an event that didnt give points . And as in howe he even said he gonna push all the grey areas that he can. An even said if you dont get caught cheating then your not cheating what does that tell you ?

  9. Sim street race talk is great you do a good job with it but your true fans of the show will understand your extremely busy schedule with school which should be more important to us that you focus on that and congrats on your the senior year and best of luck if you put as much heart and soul into your senior year as you do street race talk you'll have a great year and enjoy it after this it's not going to be all fun hitting the working field unless you decide to further your schooling but do please know you have a good support team behind you on your channel that wants to see you succeed

  10. First let me say I am ONLY a fan and not an expert. Jim Howe put out a video saying they checked his fuel and then shows his car doing a burnout and backing up with weird blue flames coming out his headers and also what looks like him purging a nitrous system two different passes. I asked in his comments section what was it and instead of him answering me other guys answered me basically telling me he was trolling me and how dumb I was for accusing him of cheating. First off I NEVER said he was cheating I simply asked him to explain what those two things were. He didn't!? Who cares if he is cheating they will catch him eventually. But what really gets me with Jim Howe is him saying "if your cheating your not trying" don't want my kids looking up to that!! Or couple years back when he looked Ryan in eye, shook his hand and said "I dont guess I'm not like that" then he jumped/guessed (whatever) and beat Ryan by inches and then bragged "I beat Ryan Martin I'm everyones hero around here" for a month after that. Jim Howe isn't a good person and neither is Odom with their "new cars" with funny car dragster motors and wanting to bet money on round races when some of these guys are just struggling to get to each NPK race. Its just disrespectful and a real lack of class!!

  11. Nice job! (Edited out "kid" outta respect) Really impressed with how you put these out. P.S.- Pressure Chief into getting his ass back on T.V. (watch his YouTube stuff but……) Keep at the school stuff ki…..😬

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