CHASE is a RACE! At the Legacy No-Prep event | Sept 5th 2021

It’s CHASE IS A RACE, at the Legacy No-Prep drag racing event. Sept 5th 2021 at GrandBend Motorplex.

This is our first time filming a “chase is a race” and it was quite a different experience!
Put on by ProStreet519, this event paid out $10,500 in prize money. Plus some pretty cool belts for each class winner.

Stay tuned for the finals, as a $10k side bet was also placed!

Classes covered in this video are:
-Small Tire
-Real Street
-Modern Muscle

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  1. If the guy jumps just sit there, he has to back up like an idiot and try again. Just SIT – those are the chase is a race rules, you dont chase, he has to back up, there are races where there have been 4-5 false starts. Either jump or SIT STILL, and a chase is moving an inch, so do not move an inch.

  2. I really wish in the future you start giving some motorcycles video time. I was pumped for the video but there is no bikes, they are much more exciting then street. Hopefully see some bikes in the future 👍

  3. As a person who's been pretty dam good at "chase is a race" in stock cars when I was 13-16… I definitely wouldn't want to do it in something with big horsepower….it's chicken shit & for teenagers….it doesn't prove your faster than anyone

  4. I love this content!!! Where has this channel been?!
    I’m from Chicago where “chase is a race” has a culture following. Its plain stupid AF (min 46 shows that clearly)
    and personally I’d never take part but to each their own I guess

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