Cash Days (Under 400whp)

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  1. My group would love to run these guys and I would love to gap that fox body that apparently was whooping everyone except that white fbody. I'd show him how a real Fbody gets down.

  2. Watched another daytime vid at the same location….that was good . V8s laying it down….all was good with this one as well till the high pitched rev of a honda started……wrecked it for me . Still subed. This is exactly where my car would be running.

  3. Finally, normal cars racing. I enjoy 1320 but I don't always want to see some donkey dick fire breathing dragon on steroids all the time. Nice to see normal ass cars.

  4. I didn't know people actually raced with their hand at 12 o' clock, thats sketchy. I had to teach a coupke buddies that finally bought a "fast" car how unsafe it is and that if they widen their side mirrors out to where they can't see their own car in them, they can virtually eliminate the infamous "blind spot", there's no such thing. Honda clutches are beast. They burn the fk out of them and they seem to last forever.

  5. would somebody PLEASE make videos of real street cars racing on actual street tires!!! ok, some of these cars were on street tires. but they were mostly stock mustangs. and when I say "racing on street tires" I don't mean stock tires. but something like mickey Thompson, or other wide street tires. I'd like to see a class similar to the F.A.S.T. class. except no restrictions on tire width. full interior, stock appearing outside of the engines/trans.(do whatever you want with the internals) and no nitrous, or forced induction. unless it came from the factory with a super charger for example(few cars ever came stock with a S/C)

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