Car hit by train | Safety Message (HQ) | Top Gear | Series 9 | BBC

After a series of accidents at railway crossings Top Gear conducts a test to show what happens when a speeding train hits a stranded Renault Espace. It ain’t pretty.

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  1. Railway lines were a popular method of suicide at one time and I heard the ambulance crew got a bonus if they recovered more than 90% of the body!

  2. This was shot 8 years ago before privatisation of British rail and it’s diesels and the trains of today go way faster than the BR diesels so imagine that with avanti west coast locomotive

    Edit: wait no it’s just a br diesel that was obsolete and the bbc just bought it as it was gonna be scrapped so multiple unit diesels still exist

  3. OH, uhhh… I guess… that's why we have laws for cowcatchers on our locomotives, the buffers just TORE right through the car, and the lack of coverage for the wheels and frames didn't help at all

    Granted, our trains are heavier and take longer to stop, and still do a lot a damage, but still

  4. I’ve been told that on day 1 of train engineer/driver school you get told that you will kill someone one day, it probably won’t be your fault, but if you aren’t prepared for that, this job isn’t for you.

  5. "We see the really concerning thing."


    i guess it isn't good to try go across the train crossing while lights go off without safety clothing but it is kinda funny

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