Can the Corvette C8 Beat My Shelby GT500 in a Drag Race?

Chevrolet Corvette C8 versus Ford Mustang Shelby GT500
3x races at Hennessey Performance in Texas, US
Does the GT500’s power make up for the extra weight and traction issues? The race is sponsored by Wejo and their connected car data technologies as found in the C8.

After quickly clocking up some miles in my Shelby GT500 on the Where’s Shmee: US Edition tour, it has now had the oil change service, been on the dyno, and we can say officially broken in, so it’s time to put it to the test. To do so, on the strip at Hennessey Performance in Texas, we have it against a latest generation C8 Corvette.

The 8th generation Corvette has 495hp from a 6.2l naturally aspirated V8, now found in a mid-engine configuration. While it’s significantly short of the 760hp of the 5.2l supercharged V8 in the Mustang, it’s also much lighter and the weight balance helps with traction from the line. The Corvette is a convertible which adds a slight penalty for a drag race, as does the drag of the GT500 track package, however both cars come in at similar price tags just under $100k MSRP.

Sponsoring this drag race is Wejo, a global leader in connected car data and leading the way in one of the fastest growing markets in the world. Over 10 million cars like the Corvette C8 use Wejo’s technology to collect 12 billion real-time accurate data points per day, which will create the bedrock of the future automotive experience.

Such software enables cars to offer services to the customer like in-car purchases, mileage based insurance and automated roadside assistance, as well as assisting city planning in terms of road safety, emissions and cutting transit times. Information from the sensors within the car can also alert and report instantly on hazardous conditions, for example picking up on black ice during the recent Texas snowstorms.

Wejo’s goal is to reduce traffic congestion by 10% saving drivers $8.8b annually and making parking two times faster, saving people in for instance New York 53.5 hours annually, but also reducing the time taken for vehicle repairs by 25%, saving up to 3 days per vehicle repair. Other goals are reducing the number of breakdowns by 5% through early intervention and proactive response, which will save US drivers and businesses 1.5m workdays and $450m annually, and reducing the cost of auto insurance premiums in the US by 10%, saving people $148 per year on average. Additionally, Wejo aims at reducing the time taken for insurers to process claims to minutes and they want to allow drivers to pay for things such as coffees and drive thru meals with their cars.

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How will the 3 races go, let’s find out with Alex from Hennessey Performance piloting the C8 Corvette against my Shelby GT500!


As expected, off the line the Corvette hunkers down with the mid-engine layout and gets away from the GT500 which is struggling for traction. On the move it’s then instantly clear that the Shelby’s superior power will pull it on through and a case of time until it can catch up. However, as experienced in multiple races, it significantly comes down to the amount of time it takes to get the grip as to whether it can catch in our 1/4 mile races.

Thanks for watching, Tim

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  1. A lot of people simply don't understand car dynamics…Period!! and it shows😆🧐… I'm a to the bone marrow, a Mustang guy, but I was also blessed with an abundance of common sense. People on here, constantly saying "stock Vette"Lol…well the GT500 is stock as well…came from the factory as IS!! so there's THAT! Secondly, for those who have no earthly idea of the differences between mid-engine, front engine, HP to weight ratios, type of race, etc. etc. and the usually forgotten factor…(Driver)…we will continue to hear wayward comments! Too much HP can be a curse if it can't be utilized to the fullest in a certain distance, on a certain surface! Especially, on rear wheel drive cars!! Mid-engine cars typically put down power and launch better by the mere nature of their configurations. With that, you have MORE usable HP in the short run!! GRIP is a Mother!!! You can't stab on the pedal in a 760hp car like you would a 495hp car from a dig….duhhh! Y'all on here talking about, when the new Z06 comes into play, it's going to be faster! 😆🧐…well, duhhh…it had better Be!! The evolution of performance must continue!! The question IS, how will it stack up against other mid-engine beasts out there?? But now don't get amnesia folks, remember the old Ford GT??? or what about the current Ford GT??? Now, we're talking apples to apples!! This vid simply gives you a glimpse of how two totally different configured cars with different power levels, attack asphalt in different ways….like those vettes though…in the meantime…. it's Stangs4eva for ME!😉

  2. Key word in the title… can "it" beat "MY" mustang. Has anyone ever made their OWN video where THEIR CAR was beaten… lmfao🤣🤣🤣
    Believe me guys.. no car on planet earth can beat "my car" while I'm shooting the video..😆😆😆

  3. What did they expect with the mustang having almost 300 more horsepower? And then they try to build suspense with a straight face. With that disparity, I am more surprised the Vette was able to be ahead at any point. Advantage: Corvette.

  4. Sorry buddy, but if you really knew how to drive a drag car in the mustang you would have easily won every single time,you need much more practice .😲🤔

  5. Now go out get yourself something above the base model Corvette. Like the new Z06.
    That being said race that stock Corvette around a racetrack and it will eat that Mustang up. The Mustang will be in a ditch in 2 seconds trying to keep up with a Corvette on a track

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