Can the All Electric Ford F-150 Lightning Beat the Ram TRX and the Rivian R1T in a Drag Race?

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  1. Arnt these videos shot 1000 feet above sea level? Not a fair battle seeing the combustion engines have a clear disadvantage against electric vehicles that don’t require air induction…

  2. Isn’t this in Colorado? Density altitude is SO bad its the worst in the country, meaning internal combustion engines perform at their absolute worst in the highest elevation. While the electric cars aren’t affected at all. Run at sea level and see the TRX become a different monster.

    Just throwing that out there.

  3. I WANT ONE !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
    in my opinion the lightning is the BEST electric truck out there !!! once I get my funds together , I will be going to the
    lightning factory and custom order me one ; want to get one with charging ports on both sides of the truck , see if I
    can get the truck lifted so I could get two extend range battery packs – separated by something like an aluminum
    cage to allow airflow around the batteries so as to air cool them and try to get the bed length to at least 6 feet maybe
    6.5 feet long to get my custom made conversion truck top on it

  4. The Rivian looks like a Kia with some sort of birth defect.. What an ugly waste of sheet metal. Also, you CANNOT compare electric to gas. The electric system has full torque from zero, it doesn't need to hit a sweet RPM or wind up. Even in the high end, the electric motor has an RPM range in the tens of thousands where the gasser will top out at 6 or 7k. It's just not a fair competition. The real problem with electric cars is the range. The batteries need to break a huge barrier in capacity to make all electric vehicles a thing.

  5. "So the Lightning is very consistent as far as speed."

    "Yeah, it's like a computer."

    Me: "Great, so my Lightning will max out at 60 mph by 2025?" 😅

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