Cammed Out C6 is Music To My Ears and it's Quick too!

With a nice little HCI setup and a hint of nitrous, this C6 Z06 is able to blast down the track to some impressive passes at Street Car Takeover in Atlanta. I’m not quite sure which of these

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  1. @2:05 Into The Video Yo What Was That S550 Putting To The Wheels? Even With The Horrific Launch It Caught Back Up To That C6. It's Definitely A 9 Sec Car.

  2. Question for anybody… I am looking to buy my first corvette. I found a 2005 LS2 , automatic , silver , good condition 9/10 28k miles for $21000… Is it worth it?

  3. Damn, monster cam on that b-tch. I have a stage II VVT cam on my C7 and it sounds docile compared to that one.

  4. There is a reason with the C8 and C7 readily available that the C6 has gone way up in price. Itโ€™s timeless. I just bought a black LS3/Manual and Iโ€™m in love.

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