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Finnegan and Newbern light the tires as they road-test the LS-powered C2 from Oakland to Las Vegas with the smokiest burnouts ever seen. Watch Roadkill NOW on MotorTrend+ ➡️

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  1. You didn’t get pulled over because this is pre-planned and the 36 cameras hanging off your car tell the cops it’s a TV show. Because Murcia.

  2. Not even sure who the characters of roadkill are anymore. A lot of mix and match and spin offs. 🤷‍♂️

  3. Mike, if you're reading this, I plead with you PLEASE don't turn the C2 into another race car. This episode made clear the true spirit of the car. Its for Hooning! The car is a rebel 100%. Keep this beauty for the Streets!

  4. The last burnout of my life was the nail in the coffin for mine as well.

    Have not owned a classis car since and I miss it dearly.

    Stay classy my friends.

  5. Too many childish burnouts. He can't leave well enough alone… and refain from butchering yet another good road car. 🥱 another boring burnout spectacle

  6. Gotta keep an eye on the fluids guys lol. Sad to see her on her last legs. Keep the body stock, not many left. Great content as always, keep your right foot planted, and knuckles dirty!

  7. I miss roadkill 😞. Why we can't watch it in Australia makes no sense to me. I was a fan from its early days. Supported the show, helped it grow and then dumped. Sux 😞

  8. When driving a Vet with pop up headlights, keep the lights up, air blows in n helps cool it. If a 68 to 73 pop the hood too…the hood opens back to front…so it will not blow open plus it has the latch holding it.

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