Buying my girlfriend her first Classic Mopar! 1968 D100 Custom MUSCLE TRUCK!


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  1. You said there is a lot of room, but you left out one thing: There isn't much leg room in those trucks. And the big steering wheel almost rubs your knees. But you need the big wheel because of lack of power steering. And there is little angle in the back seat because to angle it would have cut the leg room even more. So the truck is best for someone five foot eight or less tall, close to the average height of a man in the late 1950s when it was designed. Anna is short enough to drive it but it is so bulky and clumsy compared to a car. And no power assists. I wish she had driven it before deciding whether she wanted it. I think it is not the car for a beginner. But if she learns quickly it will make her a great driver, as you said.
    I'd like to see if you can use it like for towing vehicles on the trailer like a modern truck.

  2. You know what to do with it Jed. Just get Anna to help and get her hands dirty. Cool ol Dodge. Good shape for the year it is. But at the end of the day, How many Females do you see Driving a Late 60's model ANYTHING that's as cool as this. Good Luck with it Anna.

  3. If your girl friend is in to old cars and trucks that will make your life a lot easier my wife hates my old cars and trucks and it causes a lot of grief!

  4. l had the same year Dodge D-100 in 1978. But mine had a slant 6 with a three on the tree. But the cab isn't that narrow I drove it for a couple of years, and I am about 6 foot 4 inches and 260 pounds. I sold it to a friend of mine and he drove it another four years or so.

  5. Jed you big ol teddy bear, loaning yer woman that loot to get that truck, that was sweet of you, now you made that comment on lip stick and thongs, and that put a not so nice picture in my head lol keep this great content coming, i piss myself waiting for your new stuff to come ouit. oh and if you do put on lipstick and thongs you got to sing girls just wanna have fun, lol lol

  6. You should put her behind the wheel, after all it is her truck you know darn well that girl is itching to drive it.It's seems like a nice truck I like that shifter up on the dash like that.

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