Budget twin turbo big block Fairmont drag car build

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The Holley parts I used were 565-200bk dual sync distributor, 12-147 fuel pump module, 12-848 fuel pressure regulator, 241-281 valve covers, 534-223 fuel rails thank you to @Holley

In this video we start working on our 83 Ford Fairmont that we purchased in an older video. We start by removing the 5.0 ho engine and t5 transmission in order to do our engine swap. Our new engine is a 454 big block chevy that we put together in 2 older videos. It has procomp rectangle port heads , hyperutectic dome top pistons, and h beam ebay rods.We are using ebay gt45 twin turbos , and 50mm wastegates. We are going to be using a 4l80e transmission with a lockup circle d converter, and the car allready has a 8.8 mustang rear axle with 4 wheel disc brakes and 5 lug conversion.

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  1. Heck I don't mind using different type motors in cars. I've seen a Camaro with a Hemi before and it flew. I've known about different brand cars with different brand motors. Hey, whatever works. Lots of people LS swap. It's cheaper power. Old car with a new strong heart. Oh yeah……I say use that motor for the wagon. 😉

  2. Chevy is no longer allowed to develop any new gas (engines) because they are not covid compliant and can not be shut off remotely in Washington DC, only electrical motors. Feel free to double check my statement.

  3. Did this car ever get running? I'm curious how all the budget bbc stuff went. I'm a huge advocate for big blocks but ultra budget boosted big blocks are as rare as can be!

  4. There've been Chevy small blocks in Fords almost since Hotrodding began…Overhead valves made the 283,327 small block better than the 90 HP fatheads.Olds Nailhead,Cadillac,even Buick were routinely used in old Ford coupes.My post war 48 coupe Rat project is gonna get Ford power when i take the Flathead out,I'll bet it wouldn't make 40 HP now lol. I'm not doing a Chevy small block for two reason,one its been done so often its common,the second reason is a good friend gave me a running 89,90,91? Lincoln continental,it has a 302,automatic transmission,and maybe the 8.8 rearend? and its free. I'm a Chevy man but the coolest car ever is a 33,34 Ford coupe,really all the Ford coupes,but 33,34,and of course the 36 are the coolest cars ever built,so I'm jumping into the Ford stuff. How close are you to a drag strip,whats the closest one near you?

  5. 302 in the FALCON 5 L OF GET IT ON dont get me wrong love the wagon it is a sexy car but so is the falcon
    ive had a 64 falcon as well as a 66 ss nova 327 500 hp at the wheels street raced my entire high school time

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