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Let’s face it, right now everyone wants to find as much power as they can on their engine, for as little money as possible. On Engine Masters, Freiburger and Dulcich test some dirt cheap parts and tweaks to add more power to stock engines. #EngineMasters #Engine #EngineMods


  1. this is one of my favorite episodes. what specific cam did you guys put in this 350??????????i swear you guys are the best keep doing dyno test !! i love to see the results

  2. I planned on copying this but during the build I snuck a bigger cam in it lol. I did run the big 2.02 valves in it. Did run the 600 Holley originally but I’ve since put an edelbrock avs2 on it. I didn’t save any money using salvage yard vortecs. I had $80 in heads and then another 800 in machine work. Could have bought the ones done already but I’m happy with mine. They’re clearanced for any cam, have the big valves. Surprisingly I still made 15-16 inch of vaccuum on the motor too. Enough for power brakes. My cam is 303/303 and I think in this episode they used a 280 comp? The power band isn’t great with my larger cam but it’s okay. It starts at 2800 but it doesn’t stop making power til I don’t wanna spin it any faster! Lol

  3. A goofy friend of mine was using a stock Ford manual fuel pump on a 351w , with a factory steel line. A huge five inch thick air filter. He actually had a 3/8” line being fed by a Red Holley coming in from behind the engine between it and the firewall.

  4. The question I have in regards to hydraulic roller vs hydraulic flat tapped is are both camshaft specs are the same in regards to duration @ 50 and lift? As a matter of fact you guy's never mentioned cam specs at all. We the viewers would love to know. Thank.

  5. What would be a good set of aftermarket cylinder heads for a 400 sbc? Around 700-800. Looking for something maybe better then vortec or are vortec heads top notch?

  6. Me doing a '65 383 with a Mopar Performance Street rod cam 280/280 with dual springs. That's about $500.00. Engine kit from Mancini Racing with cast aluminum psitons, moly rings. I just want a nice rumble and hellacious response. Going with a single plane Holley 750 and stock mopar ignition. Heads are the 516's with back cut valves. Going in my '60 Fury with a 813-9B 4spd, hurst shiter. All old school and fun.

  7. Was that really wise to imply that one can just throw in a cam and call it a day?
    You actually proved my point, that cam isn't going to barely do much by itself and you know it.

  8. In the 70s my dad ordered a 327 chevy motor from a catolog it had camel hump heads he put in a fireball camshaft. That beast made 350 horsepower had a lot of fun with it.

  9. I used to cruise around in a '68 Dodge charger 440 Magnum and yes it didn't have a big enough fuel line and fuel pump because around 170 mph it would start to run out of gas it would run about175 mph then 17 years old it was a blast this was around 1974 I put the second motor in it with a 4-speed fastest car I ever rode in and I rode in 426 Hemi roadrunners with two fours they were almost brand new then but that car would smoke the tires for about a whole quarter mile that's how I blew the original motor up because my friend let me drive it couldn't stop getting on it

  10. can i make 400+ hp on a stck bore 327 sbc rated at 275 hp with some eq or 906 heads n a summit 1784 cam or vidio 268 cam with a 700 dp n dual plain /Lt hookers./1.5 rr

  11. I didn’t even watch this. Cut it off as soon as I typed this.
    I know they will cut it off with no conclusion.
    Making you buy a subscription.

  12. The valve lift problem with stock vortec heads is total bs….it completely depends on the valve spring retainers and seals you’re using….I did zero machine work on mine and can clear about .500” lift

  13. What about the deep sump stock fuel pump used on HP SBC & BBC's? And did you have to change the valve springs when you from a flat taper can to a roller cam?

  14. With that low compression cylinder head on the right u definitely can go turbo.. just need to gap the piston rings for blowby.. I may use those heads on a 62 to 70s model sbc 350

  15. I remember Freiberger talking about the guy who uploaded pirated episodes of engine masters on YouTube. I would like to thank that person because I had no idea these videos were available.

  16. What, No Camshaft Specs for the engine with the Head, Cam, and Carb swap? I'd sure like to know what the cam specs are, I already know what the measely stock cam specs are.

  17. What would you recommend for me to help my performance on my 1998 Chevy Silverado C1500 5.7 v8 all i done to it was put a cold air intake in it

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