Broke my Wheelie Bar Link! Goliath Test & Tune at Wichita Raceway | Daddy Dave

Took out Goliath to Wichita Raceway Park for some testing! I’m trying to pull power out of it and make some new tunes and tweaks for the upcoming America’s List street races. Busted the wheelie bar end link, have a little Easter egg hack-fix in there for you 😉 Check it out and hope you all enjoy!

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  1. That race car looks amazing my husband is a really big fan of the 405 and if he could win that steering wheel he would probably go to bed with it at night time it will not be no wall art it will be a bed time art to him

  2. You're the man Daddy Dave… Huge fan Goliath Sounds like a beast and looking so Damn! beautiful…. Great video really appreciate you keeping us up on what's going on with Goliath…. Good luck! Can't wait to see Videos of Goliath… dominate the streets.✌

  3. Dave from the start of Street Outlaw's it was obvious that you was very good at the game called Drag racing.You had that Sonoma rolling.I know all you 405 boys are friends,but I know they all know if Dave gets his program half right that they are gonna be looking up to you.Besides a dam good driver,you are a bad ass race car mechanic.MARK MY WORD FANS NEXT NPK SEASON DADDY DAVE,AND JUSTIN SWANSTROM ARE GONNA BE MORE THAN A HAND FULL.JS!

  4. Happy hunting going for the America’s list the cars bad as I’ve can be no many people don’t fear lining up next to daddy Dave 💪🏻💪🏻😎😎🇬🇧🇬🇧🇬🇧

  5. I’m from Georgia, trying to get my 71 Camaro going, and seeing that on my wall every morning sure would be a good inspiration lol. God bless ya’ll

  6. Of course you are not a professional photographer but your fans are not looking to you to have perfected videos from the start they want to see you guys daily routine for race preparation Also there are going to be haters especially since you are a successful race car driver most of those haters don’t even have a damn car and most live at home with mom at 45

  7. Dave don’t tell you haters to fuck off their views make you money you have to have thick skin most of the hater don’t even have a car 🚗 and still live in mom’s basement at 40 years old have no life so they key board race trying to dampen your day but they still count as views on you tube get your money

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