Brodix SBC Aluminum Engine Block, Super Light!

Picked up a new piece for the hot rod! Don’t know if I can swing getting it together this year, but this aluminum block is so much lighter than the iron block I have now. Would drop 100lbs of the front which would then allow me to drop another 100lbs of the back and still keep the bias I want for the no prep world!

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  1. One mans junk is TURBO JOHNS TREASURE😝 SMOOKN-ASS deal TJ!!! I did the same thing on my Windsor, I found a Aluminum Fontana block that needed 5 sleeves. Well I bought it & put all 8 sleeves in & it’s still in the process of getting ready. Man that’s bad ass💯👍🏻💪🏻💪🏻👍🏻💯

  2. John I would jerk that rear end out that new car and throw it in my old one and build that Brodix small block you could sell that roller and build that new engine plus probably add some things to it that would lighten up your combo and give you a edge. Maybe you could add a few bars to the chassis in your old car too but it’s a proven set up that’s what I would do anyways. Maybe a 118 turbo.

  3. People and shows about racing or engine building never really have said much if anything about the roller bearing camshaft bearings. I would love to hear more about the pros and/or cons of setting up a block like this. I have been thinking about a couple of somethings along those lines but idk the cons so I haven't gone down that road. Hopefully you will explain in depth ( or your motor guy) about this set up.

  4. May want to keep the sleeves above the deck. Aluminum has different expansion rate than iron sleeve. If decked flat the aluminum will grow faster and cause head gaskets sealing issue with the amount of boost you run.

  5. So what you are saying John is it takes a heart beat to make a pony run lol. Nice find. An you are not lying it does take a lot to race. Good luck. Stay safe

  6. When you make blocks and mains that light you take a lot of strength out of them… good for low power stuff. You throw a lot of power at them and they break very easily.

  7. Like to give some ideas for strengthen it up, brodix uses A356, Dart uses A355 (take about double the heat as a356) and World uses A357 (strongest of the three), so to help on strength, do all the machine work and get the block done with cryogenics process, will strengthen Alum block and heads up, then do a block fill to bottom of drain hole, won't add much weight and strengthens the bottom end. Most of the heat in a block is at the top third or half of the cylinder.

  8. I found one of these blocks at a garage sail.
    Lady had all kinds of stuff she was getting rid of. Her husband must have died. I didn't ask her.
    I'm a Ford guy. But I thought it must be worth the $20 I paid for it.

  9. Serious question.. Why would you build an old style v8 when there's LS style engines out there? Aren't the skirted blocks with the 6 bolt mains stronger?
    Is it a racing requirement for a class, or nostalgia for the old small block?
    Unless you are getting the machine work for the repairs for free, a new LS3 block would be competitive, wouldn't it?

  10. Winberg custom builds everything and in the gun smith world they deliver in light speed. Expect 2-3 months..Gunsmith is 1 to 2 years. They are so worth it for extended RPM and extreme power. I got mine with 8 counterweights and it was at least 4 pounds lighter than my Crower UL billet. It was cracked everywhere.

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