Bringing My Best Friend On FULL TIME For Racing – Swan Talk Ep. 5



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Justin Swanstrom
4922 Gall Blvd Zephyrhills Florida 33542

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  1. It's not getting HIGH anymore yall!!!! It is getting MEDICATED. Come guys get wit it. Lol Keep up spending momma and daddy money, an showing these mf how it's done. 901 has your back. HELL YEAHHHHHH!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  2. I was just bs about momma an daddy money brother. You can tell you worked for it. Your to serious about it. I think if it was givin to you I beleave you wouldn't be so serious. Proud of you brother keep on keeping on.

  3. Justin you say it like it's Bad thing. "Kyle's High". What a great team you got. Must be very nice to be able to travel with one of your best friends as a team racing all over the Country. I can't wait to see yall race next year in New England. I hope we can celebrate a win in finals that weekend!!!

  4. Been watching some old Chuck G vids lately. You seem to have won a few grudge races i see. That black mustang won you some money fella. Did the silver & black car become Apocalypse?

  5. Remember, I'm al OLD guy, graduated HS 1965 but you gnts will find out your years at HS were the most fun, most trouble free years of your life. It will take a few years before you realize that but trust me, one day you will smile when you remember HS 🙂

  6. The NUMBER ONE PODCAST?!?! -Joe Rogan’s entered the chat. You’re absolutely DELUSIONAL bro. All that fast food has rotted your little brain. Get a grip my guy✌🏼🙄

  7. Talking about the beer in the trailer. Y'all give me an entire cooler full of beer at the ohio race. Thank you, I shared it in the pits and told everyone who it was from.

  8. Just so you know after this sad interview and the the extremely raunchy interview with the woman about all the filthy sex talk was really disappointed and disgusting! Young man you have lost way more viewers than ur little mind thinks! Racing and racing talk is cool! Downgrading and talking to women no matter who they are and what they are doing and believe their self is horrible!! You need a lot help! I will now hit the unfollow button!

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