Bounty Drag Racing is better than the Official NHRA Video Game

Random guy makes absurdly detailed drag racing sim all by himself in Unity, manages to humiliate the officially licensed NHRA game. And it’s online. And it’s free.

This is the funniest thing that has ever happened in sim racing.


  1. The text on your thumbnail makes it seem like they actually had to try to be better than the NHRA game

    All jokes aside, this looks really promising and impressive. I can't wait to see how this game develops.

  2. I’m not by any means really into drag racing, but the amount of detail in this game compared to NHRA is crazy, and this game has me intrigued as hell

  3. For a while, I've been looking for another racing game to play that's not NASCAR, and I think I've found the perfect solution. I'm excited to try this. I never played a drag racing game before.

  4. One guy doing this is is amazing. With some graphics work, better sound and a slicker UI it can become a fully fledged game. Amazing what can be done without a corporate layer of people that don't know shit about racing or game development.

  5. The only positive i see in the gaming industry is that technology will let indie devs compete with big industries … because these companies dont care about making games or their management is a total mess

  6. I love it how they help you know what you're doing instead of random dudes being like "bro you're so bad, dis GAEM IS SO easy bro u just dumb u n00b it's still 2009"

  7. It's funny how game development progressed in last two decades. We have AAA studios with hundreds of employees, and they produce some beta buggy game on launch day. Then we have small studios, like the studio behind V Rising or ACC (~10-20 people) and they are making as good or better games than AAA studios. I'm a software dev,., and there is a paradox of the size of developers for any kind of project. I don't know how it's officially called, but when you increase developers on a project and once you reach X number of people, you need almost 10 X (ten times X) for a big studio to be as productive as small X studio.

    Regarding game development: Game Engines have become like putting legos together. Most things are just "click – point – apply." Look at the examples of what people did with Unreal Engine 5. One person, and tech demos are insane.

  8. Holy crap! Getting this, looks like awesome fun.

    You should also try No Limit Drag Racing 2.0 for Android. As opposed to most drag racing games for mobile, that one (and its predecessor) are closer to simulation, where you have to adjust timing, fuel flow and whatnot. Taught me a lot about getting the car to run faster, stuff that will definitely carry over to this game.

  9. If it was really that easy then everyone would be making them. Let's be real the guy has skill, he's not just some dude messing around on unity engine.

  10. For anyone else reading along, first of all thanks for the nice comments, it means a lot to me. The game is currently in Alpha while I finish polishing and working on features that are still not ready but are coming soon, (bracket racing, wheel and wing customization, singleplayer mode, to name a few) When these features are done, hopefully around summer 2023, the game will release as Beta with around 20 cars for just $10, then more cars will be added as DLC. I hope with this pricing structure I can allow as many as possible people to try this game out for a very low entry price, yet still allow hardcore fans to buy all the dlc cars. I invite anyone interested in the game to join the discord (link in main menu) There you can ask if you have any questions or need help with anything, I also constantly post what I'm working on.

  11. ive been formulating this oval racing game in my head for a couple years now, but i keep putting off actually making it because it didnt seem like one guy alone could make an entire racing game. i guess it's time to start learning how to code.

  12. I see a lot of people saying it's impressive that 1 guy made this, but I've personally seen this multiple times. Like in the motocross community all the racing sims are made by small teams or 1 person.

  13. When the only "major" complaints I have are UI Jank and the entry to the strip out of the staging lanes being very cramped to say the least then you're really cooking with gas.

  14. This is sweet! I will absolutely play this. So glad to have something neat for Drag Racing online. IHRA or the NHRA should probably give this guy a call…

  15. Wow this is really impressive if it's made by one guy. Yet a whole team of developers with a relatively large budget behind them made the NHRA trash. I'm getting this BETA right away.

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