BoostedGT Is Done Racing On Street Outlaws – No Prep News Episode 146

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  1. I think of Chuck and the Death Trap when someone says something about small tire cars since he was the last one on the 405 list to switch over to big tires. I'm not sure it's exactly what he wanted to do but once he went twin turbo he had no choice. He did nothing but spin his tires on the hit every race

  2. just like chief he was probably tired of all the bs that the film crew was making them do and he would rather go back to real street racing

  3. Eric Bain was still racing a small tire car until at least 2018 as I seen him racing his small tire mustang at Maple Grove in 2018 at NPK. Also as far as Boosted running the yellow mustang in the 405 small tire show it does not make the rules.

  4. Sim, I have seen this coming a long time ago. TV is truly the bad deal here, it is ruining the "Real" experience of true Street Racing IMO. All about the $$$ and that is it period. Sim you will be good man, keep being you. 👍💯

  5. I'm sure Boosted was at one race night with big tires on his orange car. I think he raced the new Murder Nova, but then immediately switched back to small tire the following week and then disappeared again. He's barely raced on there for years anyway. I think he showed up again right before they axed the list and switched to qualifying for AL.

  6. If he is acting like the "race master" then maybe the producers see his activity as a racer as a possible favor towards his winning? So they would rather have their race master not be an active participant to avoid any more division like they had with Big Chief?

  7. As a viewer, Boosted is associated with small tire. Later he was the theRace Master and he did an EXCELLENT JOB !!! I'd like to see him race again….but….maybe he made the decision differently for personal & family reasons. BEST OF LUCK TO BOOSTED !!!

  8. Rather than speculate why don't you reach out to him and try interviewing him. I'd suggest from what I gather he has a full time job that he is committed to. You also have to remember his partner runs NPK as well and they also have a family. So you'll probably find the real reasons have to do with the time he has available to commit Family, career and Street outlaws

  9. He makes the same $$ to race or b racemaster. I’d do the same. Fuvk hauling n breaking my car. He flys in and he’s home Sunday night.

  10. WRONG AGAIN!!!!
    Flip had The Slut ranked #7 & Chuck got the Death Trap as high as #5 on The List. BOTH on small tire!!!
    What place did Boosted make?… ONLY #10, then got booted due to the rules & his BS games.

    ** you DO research & pay attention to what you're reporting, right????

  11. Has anyone reached out to Boosted? A lot of conjecture and mental masturbation trying to figure things out based upon piecing together social media post. He would be a good interview and an opportunity to get some real information. Give it a shot Sim.

  12. Boosted GT is probably still under contract with Discovery/Pilgrim as a 405 street outlaws driver and they probably don't want him to race with a different team.

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