Bolt On Coyote VS Nitrous 2v ! Can A 2V Mustang Beat A Coyote??

What did you guys think about this one! I’m super excited with where the car is going.

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  1. yoo i wrecked my 4.6 xmas eve..
    i purchased kooks 1 5/8 long tubes with high flo cats and x pipe that well wont make it to my car…
    if any one is interested lmk
    keep up the content my man, its great 😎
    God Bless

  2. First off Dam nice runs
    Second Big ups to the real runners out there gotta bring respect win or loose I've always been told if u loose u take that L ! L is for Learn 💯👊

  3. Hey 4.6….dude been watching your channel from the start bro…..thumbs up man ! If you notice my and I have the same car man ! Except mine is a 98..and an automatic tranny 4r70w.with a manual valve body and a heck of a good shift kit ! I always drove stick in the past.but I'm building this car for street and strip…..keep up the vids man……

  4. Good stuff bro! Just glad someone's putting out 2V content like this. Lil old 2V can move. Sucks Ozo left the scene, would have loved to see what his setup could do on the street.

    This is why I loved building my procharged 2V cause I shocked so many people. I put down 389whp and took out a C6 grandsport from a dig and reeled in a scat from roll. And that was before I did 4.10s. I'm interested in doing nitrous next. 2V vs the world!

  5. I’m a Huuugggge Coyote fan , but out of curiosity why are u doing a Coyote swap bro ?? Yes the Coyotes are much much faster or better made Mustangs but why not build what’s in the car ?? At the end of the day you are better off buying the whole car rather than spending a ton on swapping the car imo . Your car runs good man . 2v’s can run with the right mods , but also keep 1 thing in mind 2v Mustangs are super light and that matters !!!!

  6. Hell yea man! Put them yotes on the run son! That’s a huge milestone for you man, big moment. My dad always told me no man ever drowns in his own sweat. Keep up the hard work.

  7. Great video my guy. I haven’t really seen a car video in over a year. Your 2v looks totally different now…not to mention…IT’S AN ANIMAL!!! Dope shit fam. I’m thinking of putting my Gen 1 coyote on a bottle this off season. I’ll probably only do 100 shot. Not going to hit the track…just some playful runs on the street from time-to-time. Lol. Holla.

  8. If its tuned right it should last a long time. And plzz dont get or do s550 content no 1wants to see it every 1and there mom does s550 content my grandma drives an s550 for christ sake. I own a 98cobra with35k miles and a 03sonic blue terminator. I love the 4.6 content keep it up.

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